“Killing Bill O’Reilly”

By Susan Kuebler

The carefully orchestrated “rehabilitation” of former Fox anchor and author Bill O’Reilly hit a major roadblock last week when the New York Times published a story about O’Reilly’s paying a former assistant $32,000,000 to settle a sexual harassment/assault claim last January.  Recently, O’Reilly had been allowed to appear, God only knows why, on the Sean Hannity Show to bloviate about politics and push sales of his latest book in his “Killing” series, this one called “Killing England.”

O’Reilly did not help his own cause when he tried to drag the death of the son of former Fox co-worker Eric Bolling into the fray.  Nor did his comments that he was “mad at God” because of his current problems, which were entirely of his own making, help him either.

In news released by the reliable source @yashar on Twitter O’Reilly was dropped by his TV agents (UTA) earlier this week, and now his literary agents (WME) will no longer continue to represent him.

These announcements come back-to-back on two successive days and are a massive blow to the O’Reilly brand.  Let us hope that O’Reilly has become so toxic that no responsible person in the news or literary industry will touch him.  It’s the least he deserves.

O’Reilly’s books have been best-sellers on the NYT list, but apparently his agents are willing to say “enough is enough.”

No doubt O’Reilly will complain that these agencies folded to pressure from the “libruls” who hate him, but in the real world, no responsible agent could represent anyone who has publicly admitted he paid $32,000,000 to settle a sexual harassment suit.  While we may never know the details of what happened to the woman, you don’t pay that kind of money for making an inappropriate remark or casually groping part of the female anatomy.

On top of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, this should be a cautionary tale for all men who think that power and money can get you out of any problem.

We’re looking at you Donald Trump.

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. Julian of Norwich.

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