By Darrell Roberts

The head of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, is reported to have revealed contacting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  The purpose of Mr. Nix’s contact was to offer direct assistance to WikiLeaks on the release of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 ‘missing emails.’

This breaking story was initially reported by The Daily Beast, Mr. Assange acknowledged the story and stated, “We can confirm an approach by Cambridge Analytica and can confirm that it was rejected by WikiLeaks.”

After The Daily Beast’s report, the Trump campaign’s executive director, Michael S. Glassner, issued the following statement:

“Once President Trump secured the nomination in 2016, one of the most important decisions we made was to partner with the Republican National Committee on data analytics. Leading into the election, the RNC had invested in the most sophisticated data targeting program in modern American in history, which helped secure our victory in the fall. We were proud to have worked with the RNC and its data experts and relied on them as our main source for data analytics. We as a campaign made the choice to rely on the voter data of the Republican National Committee to help elect President Donald J. Trump. Any claims that voter data from any other source played a key role in the victory are false.”

What does it all mean?  It seems to further demonstrate those attached to the Trump campaign’s willingness to work with Russia sources to damage the Clinton Campaign.

For those unfamiliar with Cambridge Analytica, here is a short summation from a previous article in the Trump/Russia: Follow The $$$ Series (Part 6 #1)

Also in June 2016: Jared Kushner takes over the Trump campaign data-driven efforts, by forming a 100-person data hub in San Antonio, Texas.  Cambridge Analytica is involved with Trump’s digital team and they are known for having created “profiles” consisting of several thousand data points for 220 million Americans. It is claimed, that Cambridge Analytica’s non-traditional “psychographic” voter analysis was of great interest to the newly appointed Trump campaign digital director, Brad Parscale.

*Note on Cambridge Analytica: Robert Mercer was both a financial backer of Cambridge Analytica and also had $10 million invested in the Steve Bannon run Breitbart News.

* Note on Trump’s digital campaign: One GOP data source said the campaign is “far more sophisticated than anyone has seen or reported on” and added, “there’s a substantive infrastructure that’s not been seen or found out about or reported about quite purposefully.”


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