Trump Confuses The Meaning of Civil With Intelligent – He is Neither

By Touché

Lord have mercy. Just when you thought Trump couldn’t get any stupider, he truly out trumped himself this time. Trump needs a portable dictionary since that boy don’t know the difference between civil and intelligent. One would assune that the President would know basic vocabulary.

Question: “should you be more civil?” Trump’s ingenious response is as follows: “I went to an Ivy league college. I’m a nice person. I‘m a very intelligent person.” Oh, well glad he cleared that up for us lay people. Everyone was wondering if he truly was an intelligent person.

Now there is some legit clarity right there in that one simple tweet. It should be easy enough for Trump to understand. Hey Trump, you really need to read this tweet.

Exactly, it is the media that makes Trump sound uncivil. It’s not Trump’s words and that way they come out of his mouth. It is not the straight up vulgarity that spews from his being. He always speaks with such eloquence.

Trump is so misunderstood. He is really the sweetest most likeable person ever. He would’ve cut the Vietnam war time down to nothing…you know, if it wasn’t for those darn bone spurs. Let’s not even get started on his high level of intelligence. It’s so high no one on earth could ever understand it.

Once again, we, minions and poor people, could never understand. Not that anyone would really want to understand how “intelligent” Dotard Trump really is in the long run.

It is sad how far American leadership has spiraled downward. Look at the statements from Lincoln and FDR  compared to Trump’s blabberings. It is absolutely pathetic.

Hate to break it to you, Trump (actually there is much fulfilment in these next dew words) but you’re not smart. It really is that plain and simple. Should I put it in tweet form so you can understand it better?

Trump, here’s a quick wrap up of the difference between civil and intelligent. Civil is defined as courteous and polite (which you are neither). Intelligent is defined as…well…not you. You are actually an antonym of the word intelligent. Oh, sorry, antonym is defined as a word opposite in meaning to another. Hopefully, this has helped Trump clear up a few things.

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