What Passes for Scandal in Alabama’s Senate Race

By Bobby Mathews

In the ever-tightening race for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who is NOT an evil Keebler elf, despite all appearances to the contrary), disgraced former judge Roy Moore’s camp has discovered a scandal in the campaign of his opponent, former federal prosecutor Doug Jones.

Wait for it: Doug Jones supports Title IX rules and protections for women and transgender people.

That’s it.

That’s the scandal that Moore’s close friend and ally, Dean Young, himself a failed politician, has discovered. Here’s the thing: Jones is advocating for the rule of law to continue to be enforced. That’s right. The Moore camp caught Doug Jones saying that he would follow the rule of law.

That is certainly a scandal to Moore, who–despite holding a law degree from The University of Alabama–does not understand the rule of law, does not support it, and has actively worked to undermine federal law, as previously detailed here.

You know what’s not a scandal to Moore’s camp? Calling the US Supreme Court’s affirmation of marriage equality “worse than” its Dred Scot decision, which found that African-Americans were not citizens of the United States, and therefore could be considered property.

Other things that Roy Moore and his supporters don’t consider scandals: Profiting from his own charity to the tune of $180,000 a year. Or saying that Muslims who were duly elected by their constituents should not be seated in Congress. Or hey, how about the fact that he lied and said Sharia law was in effect in Illinois? Or yet another flat-out lie: football players are required to stand for the national anthem? Or calling Native Americans and Asian Americans “Reds and Yellows”–or arguing that the First Amendment only applies to Christians. This is Roy Moore, the supposed Christian. He’s a bigot, a liar, a fraud, and a thief.

And he’s most likely going to be the next senator from the state of Alabama, despite the fact that Doug Jones has a sterling record as a federal prosecutor and as a human being. Despite some recent polls (including one from Fox News) showing Moore and Jones tied in the race at 42% each among likely voters, other polls have shown Moore leading by as many as 11 percentage points.

The Washington Post thinks this race is important enough that the paper endorsed Jones (and they’re right). The Post’s editorial board gets right to the point in their headline, which states Roy Moore is Unfit to Serve. And the lede is just as unflinching:

“ALABAMA VOTERS will pick a new senator in December, and their choice is between one of the most divisive, counterproductive figures in U.S. politics and a well-qualified, even-tempered former prosecutor. In other words, there is no choice. Former judge Roy Moore (R) is unfit to serve. Former prosecutor Doug Jones (D) would be a credit to the state.”

Not only would Jones be a credit to the state and country, the fact that Alabama voters saw beyond party affiliation and put a stop to Moore’s ambitions would be a welcome sign of progress in a state that badly needs it.

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