Sketchy 300M Dollar Puerto Rican Power Restoration Deal

By Touché

There is definitely something fishy with this two-man company, Whitefish. It is a brand new operation, only being opened for two years. Yet, they have been chosen to restore power to Puerto Rico. The contract price: 300 million dollars. Yes, you just read that correctly. 300 million dollars.

How did such a small obscure Montana company land the contract of a lifetime? That seems to be the 300 million dollar question. Does it have anything to do with their connections? Connections…what connections? The company is in the hometown of the Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke. That little detail shouldn’t make any difference at all. Right?

Wait a second. Zinke’s son worked for Whitefish in the past? That wouldn’t have anything to do with the decision to hire this very small baby company. Now would it? Wouldn’t that be a “conflict of interest”? Not nowadays. Not in Trump land! Everything and anything goes here.

Put aside the connections and the shadiness of this deal, and look at whether this is a good move for the people of Puerto Rico. The real concern here is getting the Puerto Rican’s electricity turned back on as soon as possible. Does this tiny new business have the know-how and abilities to quickly restore power to an entire island?

For the sake of the people Puerto Rico, let’s hope this company has magically fast power restoration skills. It has been over a month since Hurricane Maria and these folks have been without electricity that entire time. Power is essential to everyday life. These folks have suffered enough heartache. They deserve only the best and quickest way to electricity restoration. Hang in the Puerto Rico. We have not forgotten about you.

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