Trump Has Lots Of Class – All Of It Low

By Susan Kuebler

We’ve all seen it, since the beginning of his campaign.  Like the time he mocked a disabled reporter:

Or his remark about Senator John McCain “He’s only a war hero because he got captured.  I like heroes who weren’t captured.”

As the lyrics to the old Beatles’ song goes – money can’t buy you love.  It can’t buy you class either.  The people of New York City, the ones who knew him best before he was elected president, also recognized that Trump had no class. Take, for example, the following comment by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who happens to be a real billionaire:

You don’t need money to have class, because it is not something you can purchase at an expensive boutique on Fifth Avenue.  Class comes from within and from how you were raised.  To respect others, to always be polite, to tell the truth – no matter how uncomfortable it may be – to take responsibility for your actions and to accept the consequences.

Class is helping someone who cannot help you in return.

Let me give you a personal example.  A lot of people may have negative memories of former Georgia Senator Herman Talmadge.  Yes, there was some controversy surrounding him, but he did one great thing he never got credit for.  In 1969 he received a letter from a young girl (18 years old) in Georgia that read “I would like to be a summer intern in Washington, D.C. and I would especially like to work for you as you were once my grandfather, Ed Lovell’s, law partner.”

At that time, Talmadge only hired three interns for the summer.  That year one was a young man attending Dartmouth who’s father was also a Vice President of Coca-Cola.  The other was another young man from a politically prominent family in Georgia.  And the third was the young girl who wrote that letter.

At one point during the summer, Talmadge’s Administrative Assistant (he would now be called Chief of Staff) asked the girl “Just who EXACTLY was your grandfather?”  She replied “He was just a lawyer in Atlanta.  I never knew him because he died in 1947.  Why do you ask?”  He replied “Because when I showed your letter to the Senator, all he said was “Hire her.”

My grandfather had given young Herman a job when nobody else would hire him.  The Talmadges lived with my grandparents when they were between homes, and my grandmother was godmother to one of their sons.  Despite what anyone ever says, I will always defend the character of Senator Talmadge for giving me that job.  He didn’t have to do it and it gained him no political favors. But he honored the memory of my grandfather.

Right now we have a president of the United States who is publicly calling the widow of a Green Beret, killed in action under his watch, a liar.

He sent out this tweet after Myeshia Johnson, the aforementioned widow, went on national television to describe her “condolence” call from Trump.  She said that one of the things that hurt the most was that he never mentioned his name.  This woman buried her husband, the father of her three children (one still unborn) over the weekend.  But Trump can’t let it go.  He is keeping up a he said/she said debate that is disgusting and demoralizing.

Mr. Trump, it doesn’t matter if she said you told her unicorns were real and Martians had invaded our planet.  YOU. DO. NOT. ATTACK. A. GRIEVING. WIDOW.

Trump is a low-class, thin-skinned, self-centered, arrogant, lying imitation of a human being.  And the fate of our nation, perhaps our very existence, lies in his hands.  How did we ever sink so low to elect someone like this to be our president?

Senator Talmadge, for all his faults, shortcomings, and failings, had more class, more compassion, more humanity in his little finger than Trump does in his entire body.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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