Eighty-Four Children Rescued During Latest Child Sex Trafficking Crackdown

By Touché

With all of the cray cray crap Trump pulls, real stories like this one get pushed aside. The FBI has been running “Operation Cross Country” which is a program to stop child sex trafficking. Yes, it is a local national problem, not just an international issue. Eighty-four children were rescued during this latest crackdown. Eighty-four.

120 disgusting repulsive scum were arrested during the latest countrywide sweep. Let’s hope the law is used to its greatest extent in each of their cases. Then let’s hope karma does her work on them. Anyone that would intentionally harm a child is absolutely revolting and should be treated as such.

The youngest child recovered was three months. Seriously? Three months? That turns the stomach.

Let’s hope the operation continues to save these children from this life. No child deserves to live in such a situation. Those that partake in the actions with these children need to be severely punished as well. There wouldn’t be a need for these kids if gross lowlifes didn’t demand it.

These children are Americans. We must, absolutely must, get them out of this terrible cycle. Every child in America deserves the opportunity to be a kid; Go to school every day, have homework, ride a bike, and have a safe place to sleep at night. We must demand nothing less.

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