President George W. Bush Holds Nothing Back When It Comes To Trumpism

By Touché

President George W. Bush knows how to stir up things in Washington DC. He was speaking at The Spirit of Liberty event in New York this morning and gave Trump a good tongue lashing (without ever even saying his name). He surely packed in the punches on Trumpism during this epic speech. He did not beat around the bush at all this time (pun intended) but went straight for the win. Buckle up. Here comes the Bush express (way better than the Trump train).

Since Trump took office, the democratic spirit has taken a beating. Americans desperately need a renewal of that spirit. They are growing weary of the gridlock and discord in DC.

Who is protecting democracy right now?

Wonder if Bush was addressing the Muslim Ban here? In any case, he was talking about all the blatant hatred that is active in America today. Americans must go back to judging the “unknown” with grace, open-mindedness, and understanding.

Immigration is a huge foundation for America. To turn back on it now would cause great damage to the future.

In a Trump society, people are judged and hated due to their skin not being white. In reality, the unique cultural differences is what America was built upon. Freedom is not an inclusive idea just for rich white folks, but for every American.

Pure poetry and righteous indignation right there in that one statement. There is NO place for bigotry and white supremacy in America. NO place.

What is nativism? It is the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants. America is having a bit of an identity crisis. We are a nation of immigrants. Plain and simple.

Freedom is the hope of all of humanity.

That is one of the many great things about America. Americans can renew the country by remembering its values. We do not have to be stuck in this movement of hatred.

Now, who on earth has shown bullying and prejudice recently? Perhaps, it was the person that lied about a Gold Star widow, said they would attack a war hero, consistently go after people with degrading nicknames, or someone who attacks women’s rights at every corner. Now, who could that be?

The upcoming generation needs to hear all of this. Just like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” There is always hope for change.

Wait. Backing out of multiple organizations and deals is a bad idea? It weakens America to the international community? It makes America seem shifty and untrustworthy? Someone should really tell that to the guy who wrote ‘The Art of The Deal’.

This speech given by former President George W. Bush was not only impeccable but timely as well. Americans do not have to settle for this new Trump era of hate. We can rise above all of Trump’s old man blabberings. Our future can be bright again. Thank you to President Bush for your call to action and reminder that America was already great.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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  1. Amazing info–at first I had to think twice because of the many “bushisms” we have in our memory…but I remember it was mostly the “old sayings” he’d tend to screw up the most. Wow–he used big words, and he did just fine with most of them. I’m tired of the overtweeter-in-chief that even with 140 character limits strings together so many kid words when a couple good vocabulary words would suffice.

    Heavens, Bush is positively eloquent in comparison. Yes, speechwriters are a good thing, but at least he knew how to use them.

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