The Three Chumps: Is it Possible? (#2)

By Darrell Roberts

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Welcome to the second installment of the “The Three Chumps: Is It Possible?” series.  One may wish to read  “The Three Chumps: Follow the Meeting (#2)” article before proceeding with this complementing work.

The purpose of the series is to examine the June 9, 2016, meeting between Russia and Trump campaign representatives.  In other words, assembling that puzzle based on the available pieces.

A brief Summary of “The Three Chumps: Follow the Meeting (#2): 

The day starts with Reince Priebus making an appearance at Trump Tower, followed by attending a Trump fundraiser later that same day.  Paul Manafort also attended the fundraiser and stuck around for an hour after Donald Trump, Sr. had left.  Then, Mr. Manafort joined Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with five representatives of Russia’s interest.

It is alleged that the meeting yielded nothing of significance.  However, it is worth noting that not only is Donald Trump at Trump Tower during the meeting, he also sent his first tweet regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails shortly after the conclave had ended.

Also worth consideration is the diversity of talent that the Russians brought to the meeting.  First, there is the Russian lawyer that is in town representing Russia’s interest in a big money laundering case.  The lawyer brings her own translator, along with the middleman that sent the initial emails to Trump, Jr. (Rob Goldstone), and a longtime pro-Russian lobbyist.  The lobbyist is also known to have served with the Russian military intelligence agencies, he is considered a spy, and has a history of both hacking and personally providing stolen emails and documents against his clients’ competition.

Secondly,  the Russian oligarch who had both a friendly and working relationship with the Trump family, to include Donald Trump himself, arranges for a second translator to be at the meeting.  However, this translator just so happens to not only be a senior-level business executive, but also has a background in finances, and had been the center of an investigation of a Russian money laundering scheme.  This second “translator’s” specific role was to create accounts to hide illegal transactions that would total in excess over one billion dollars.

What really happened in the meeting?

First, the latest explanation for the meeting, offered by the Russian lawyer, does not make sense.  As the founder of Hermitage Capital, Bill Browder, who helped create the Magnitsky Act states,  “Asking Donald Trump Jr. and the rest to withdraw the Magnitsky Act if Trump were elected was such a significant request that they would have come with various things to offer, and they would have thought carefully about what.  They wouldn’t have come to this meeting empty-handed.”

A bigger question is why the Russians would want to meet with the Trump campaign about the Magnitsky Act or adoptions?  At the time, then-candidate Trump had no pull nor power to change anything.  Plus, things were looking bleak for the Trump campaign at the start of the general election.  Thus, why would the Russians want to meet so early on about changing a U.S. policy with a candidate that most doubted would win?

Also, why would Aras Agalarov (the Russian oligarch that contacted Goldstone to initiate the meeting) send a high-level executive to serve as a translator without asking or having Goldstone (who had an email exchange earlier in the day of the meeting with the lawyer) ask if one was required?  What are the odds that such high level and competent people would make such a simple mistake?

Is it Possible?

As asked in the first article, is it possible that  Donald Trump, Jr. was a mere patsy? Consider, that with each and every new revelation, it appears that Paul Manafort had a strong motive, connections, and a proven record of successful tactical campaign strategies.

What are the odds of both an alleged billion dollar money launderer and a high profile data thief attending, according to the initial email exchange between Trump and Goldstone, a nefarious meeting without something nefarious happening?

Contrary to some reports, is it possible that having spent so much time in the Ukraine that Paul Manafort has at least a limited understanding of the Russian language?

If so, could this explain why Manafort spent so much time on his phone?  Could it also explain his notes involving either “donations” or “donors” and the RNC?

Is it possible that the Russian money launderer might be tied to the substantial flow of money into Trump’s campaign?  Remember, the Trump campaign raised a great deal of campaign financing after the internet campaign was launched.  Also remember, the alleged money launderer was known to set up fake accounts to launder money.  Thus, it would make logical sense that it is possible–with or without the Trump campaign’s knowledge.

Is it possible that the Russian data launderer was there for a nefarious cause?  After all, he is known as having not only hacked information but also as having personally delivered drives of stolen information.  Is it not odd that Jared Kushner would assume control of the Trump digital campaign shortly after the meeting?

Is it possible that if then-candidate Donald Trump did not know about the Russian meeting beforehand, that someone told him about it after which lead to his tweet on Hillary Clinton’s missing emails?  Or is just another bigly coincidence?

As future articles will show, there is a lot of “coincidences” that happen around and after this meeting.  Many of these coincidences do raise many questions about the true nature of the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia.

To those that enjoyed the second installment of this series, keep on reading, there are more bigly revelations to come.

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