Kimbo and Dotard Are At It Again

By Touché

North Korea had stated that “A nuclear war may break out at any moment.” Well, fantastic. That is wonderful news. (Read that dripping with sarcasm). Between Kimbo (Kim Jong-Un) and Dotard (Trump) what a winning combination they are together. Kimbo is extremely sensitive and irritable, whereas Dotard has a big mouth full of empty threats. So what happens next?

That, right there, is the question of the hour. Some (morons) in Washington want to do a preemptive strike while some, like Hillary Clinton, say these “threats of war with North Korea are dangerous and short-sighted.” Don’t you wish there was a cooler head that could prevail in this situation? There could’ve been one had Dotard not won the election (I digress). However, the reality is that Dotard is the one calling the shots.

Kimbo doesn’t want to talk diplomacy with Dotard until they can send an ICBM that is capable to reach the East Coast. Well, isn’t that comforting? Diplomacy here we come. (This too is dripping with sarcasm). This entire kerfuffle between Dotard and Kimbo must stop immediately. They aren’t playing a game here. This is actual peoples lives they are gambling with. It is irresponsible and careless to be so willing to throw innocent lives away. Neither Kimbo nor Dotard are right in this situation. Everyone needs to take a deep breathe and calm the heck down. Our future depends on these two knuckleheads being able to do that. Peace will find a way despite Kimbo and Dotard trying to obstruct it. Peace is a strong compelling force.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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