Trump Bypasses Congress To Dismantle Obamacare

By David Malcolm

Repealing and replacing Obamacare has been the dream of the GOP since it came about. Trump turned it into a central plank, promising to get rid of Obamacare in double quick time. From that point though, it was doomed. The hasty and ill-prepared Republicans just couldn’t overturn a system that not only served its purpose but was also the best solution out of a bad lot, the alternatives being Medicare-For-All (unthinkable for some Republicans) or the old system (unbearable for many on Obamacare). The plans fell through multiple times, wasting efforts that could have been spent elsewhere and making future legislation harder to pass.

Trump is mad. He’s fuming that it is still in place and that people celebrate his defeat. However, the fight is far from over as his recent announcement shows. He is determined to replace the system. If Congress can’t do it, he will bypass them.

The new Executive Order cuts payments to insurers selling Obamacare plans and effectively leaves insurance companies without the ability to fund further plans. Many believe that this order will lead to the insurance markets pulling out of the ACA and will affect many of the lower income households who depend on subsidies to pay their premiums. It follows from an earlier order to sell insurance plans that are exempt from the regulations of the law. Democrats have been quick to criticise the move but some within the GOP have also railed against the orders, citing concern for older Americans who will not be prepared to pay any spikes in costs.

It really says something when a leader is so determined to win that he’s willing to use the very things he criticised Obama for. Remember when Trump complained about Obama using Executive Orders to bypass Congress? How the tables have turned! What’s more, the fact that he has to sabotage it means that it isn’t failing as badly as he says it is. Sure, it’s a problematic system and it needs reform urgently, but it still worked for many of those who used it. All this does is put more lives at risk and turn more people against Trump, especially those in government who were working on bipartisan solutions.

The GOP is hesitant to overturn the order since it means bailing out Obamacare, but they still need to reach a deal on funding the payments which add yet another partisan battle on a full calendar. Trump wants everything done now: funding for his wall, getting rid of Obamacare with a new system, tax reform, the DACA and the status of ‘Dreamers’, the debt ceiling. But Republicans are already straining under the weight of their work and given their public feuds recently, they are in no shape to rally round and solve every problem. Besides, they might hope that lawsuits will delay the order and give them more time to work with Democrats for a workable solution.

Trump should never have been President. Greedy, spoiled, spiteful and thin-skinned, he is the wrong man. To him, winning personal victories is more important than tending to the nation’s woes and helping his countrymen. He would rather complain about Puerto Rico’s debt situation than send supplies. He would prefer to rob people of their right to health care just because the man who put it there was black.

You wanted him, Republicans. Well, now you own him. Don’t come crying to us when the house falls down.

I'm a historian based in the UK who likes jumping from one thought to next. I love to learn new things and explore other ideas.

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  1. If there was ever a time for intervention, it is now. This maniacal potus will stop at nothing to score a “win” (whatever that is) no matter how many people get hurt. He cares not for the average American citizen, can’t relate to us at all. He’s keeping score and that’s the biggest issue he gives his attention to. When are we going to be free of this useless potus? He needs to be stopped before the entire United States is nothing but a pile of sick, broke or dead people. Then, he will blame it all on Obama.

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