Guy Fieri Cooks BBQ for Thousands

By Touché

Chef Guy Fieri stepped up to help feed those displaced by the fires in northern California as well as the first responders. Santa Rosa is Guy’s hometown and has been ravished by the fires. How could Guy help his hometown? By cooking delicious food, of course. Insert Guy’s smoker and his ever so popular BBQ.

It wouldn’t be America without stupid criticisms to those trying to help. Folks are complaining because Guy brought a smoker to make BBQ. Gasp. What on earth was he thinking? Bringing a smoker to help feed fire victims. Revolting. Nevermind, the thousands of people he was able to feed.

BBQ is one of Guy’s specialty. Take your stupidity and ungratefulness elsewhere.

Guy’s response was epic when asked about his choice to bring a smoker.

Next to Guy’s response, this guy wins the Internet. What a way to drop the mic.

Not everyone has lost their dang minds. Guy is feeding hungry people that just lost everything, so haters stand down. Kudos to him for even thinking about helping others.

To bring one of your specialties to feed thousands is an amazing deed, hands down.

Guy might be a goofball but his heart is huge. He truly cares for his neighbors.

America needs to take Guy’s kindness and pay it forward. We could learn a lot from these chefs helping give more relief than the president. Let’s follow in Guy’s footsteps and help anyway possible. Americans are hurting and we must come together to help each other. Thank you, Guy, for spreading your kindness to those that needed it. America, let’s spread even more kindness to one another.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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