BREAKING: Trump Gives Speech At Value Voter Summit

By David Malcolm

Trump has just given a speech at the Value Voter Summit or as some like to call it, the Value Vomit Summit. It certainly feels like it when Trump rails against people not saying ‘Merry Christmas’ or hinting to take a ‘different route’ in order to pass his spiteful, hateful policies.

The Value Voter Summit is an annual political conference which is tailored to social conservatives. As such, it is considered to be a hate group by many on the liberal side for its anti-gay stance and its harboring of white supremacists and hardline religious extremists. Despite claiming to support traditional Republican values such as national defense, it has drawn much controversy in recent years for its opposition to same-sex marriage and for allowing religious extremists to speak at the event. As such, the Republican candidate in Alabama Roy Moore is also top billing for the event.

However, no sitting president has spoken at the event before, making President the only sitting president and the first President to attend and speak at the event. That, in itself, is troubling.

The big news was Trump hinting at his refusal to certify the Iran deal and his defense of pulling key Obamacare regulations, claiming that better healthcare was coming soon. His speech has also unjustly claimed credit for defeating ISIS, attacked Congress for defying him and making claims on the economy which aren’t really his to make. He has also taken a swipe at those who ‘disrespect’ the American Flag and promised tax cuts for all Americans.

The speech also comes after a new decision via Executive Order that will allow religious businesses to legally discriminate against gay workers which Trump has already referenced in his speech, claiming that he is ‘putting God first’. Interestingly, he neglected to mention his policy to ban trans-gender soldiers from being recruited into the army.

Despite claiming to be taking steps to sort out problems, Trump’s only major achievement that he could mention was appointing Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He mentioned his visit to Las Vegas in the aftermath of the deadly shooting as well as his visits to Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and Lousiana in the wake of the devastating hurricanes.

As expected, the crowd cheered for Trump almost constantly and such a welcome makes a welcome change for Trump whose administration has been dogged by controversy and problems every step of the way. Speaking at the summit leaves little in doubt that Trump is still pandering to his base rather than acknowledging the concerns of most Americans.

Most of all, it simply confirms that Trump is a hypocrite. He might think he respects the flag but his actions have yet to prove that claim. His ‘different approach’ means bypassing Congress and golfing while millions of people struggle to rebuild. He might fool his base but the rest of us already know the truth: this man does not deserve his office.

Welcome to America 2017.

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