Trump's A Moron

Trump Is A Moron

By Andrew Witzel

Let’s be fair here, moron is a strong word. It’s a fitting description of a man-child that acts on impulse rather than experience. This is a man that focus’ on something trivial like NFL players kneeling during the national anthem instead of focusing on the people screaming for assistance in Puerto Rico. He re-tweets his own tweets from one account to another in some vain attempt to increase re-tweets and likes. Tirades on Twitter are as normal to Trump as eating dinner is for most people in the world. Intelligent people can easily discern when he’s reading off script and when he throws it out and goes off the cuff. Going off the cuff is when you hear things like “fire and fury”, “..some very fine people too” and “it’s all fake news.”

Travel Ban, Healthcare, Tax Reform, Oh My

The travel ban died. Healthcare reform failed three times through Congress. Allegedly there is going to be an Executive Order that will bring “great healthcare….FAST” to the American people. If it costs money, it must at least go through the House, not sure how he’s pulling off getting that done without spending any money. Now, we’re facing the uphill battle of tax reform that’s been propping up the economy since January. A moron would see the economy doing well and then try to take credit for it. The GOP is in a tough position, stuck between a rock (Democrats) and a hard place (moronic President), and they must pass tax reform in some form to save their party. A failure on tax reform would put the markets into a self-correction and all the gains Trump took credit for disappear overnight. What will the moron say then?

The word moron is defined as “a stupid person” and also known as a fool, idiot, blockhead, dunce, dolt, simpleton, etc. The actions and words from Trump can be classified as any of the 72 synonyms of the word moron. He can’t do the job, can’t run the country and can’t even speak clearly and coherently enough for most of the country to understand him completely. A good speaker has charisma, doesn’t repeat what he says and actually takes the time to prepare their words in advance. The moron sitting in the oval office needs to leave, quit, get impeached or whatever can be done to get him to vacate the premises. Our country is at risk every day he’s allowed to continue faking it being the President.

I'm a middle aged tech geek with a passion for computers, technology, politics and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I am what could be considered a moderate progressive and like to consider all sides of a debate before taking a position.


  1. I agree with everything you say. Trump has way too many personal issues to be an effective potus. Cognitive development somehow eluded him.
    Perhaps before he signs his executive order changing healthcare, someone should tell him that being a moron is a pre-existing condition that probably won’t be covered under his insurance.

  2. And now since the “Failure in Chief” has signed a death sentence for poor/middle income by his spiteful executive order for undermining healthcare, I’d like to borrow a snippet from his NFL tirade, “get that son-of-bitch outta here!”.

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