Cali Fires Update

By Touché

Cali’s fire situation is still rather dire. 22+ fires are actively burning up and down Cali. Some of the small fires may combine into a larger fire. The strong winds are causing this situation to continue to decline.

According to the Sonoma Sheriff’s office, the fires have killed at least 23, injured more than 100, and left hundreds of folks missing. Let’s not forget the number of people these fires have left homeless. Homes and people’s belongings have just become piles of ash and hollow spaces where homes were four days ago.

Smoke is a huge problem for many. The amount of smoke affecting these areas is thick and widespread. Folks not personally threatened by the fires are dealing with the poor air quality. People with healthy lungs are finding it difficult to breathe. In addition, the smoke is burning everyone’s eyes.

The destruction from these raging fires is unfathomable and heartbreaking. Most are nowhere near containment. No one is exempt and should be prepared for evacuation orders. New evacuation orders are still coming down late into the night and early morning.

The winds continue to fan the fires. They are spreading the fires quickly and lavishly. The winds are also spreading the cloying smoke around.

Below is a way to assist those hurting in California. Cali needs any relief that we can send.

Just like we pulled together to assist those hit by hurricanes, we must pull together again. Cali is going to need a plethora of help. It is estimated that 60% of people are underinsured. America, we can help those that need it. We, also, must thank the firefighters for their tireless and dangerous work they are doing. Everyone stay alert, vigilant, and safe. We will make it through this together.

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