The #BiglyDotard Who Cries “Fake” News

By Darrell Roberts

President Donald Trump is a liar.  That is not an opinion; it is a fact.  Nobody, not even other politicians, tells more blatant and obvious lies than President Trump, believe me.  As support, consider a recent article from the Washington Post–simply titled, “President Trump has made 1,318 false or misleading claims over 263 days.”   To all those who can and have always been able to see through the endless Trump lies it may be mystifying that the man has any supporters.   However, interviews, social interactions, and message boards everywhere indicate that his fans are big on talking and little on facts–just like #DotardDonald.

President Trump is also a hypocrite.  For instance, he will endlessly attack the “Fake” news which continues to be proven consistently correct on their coverage (Jake Tapper sums it up best).  Does anyone not remember when Trump claimed he had no business ties to Russia?  Or the time he claimed his campaign had no contact with the Russians?  What about the time he denounced the American intelligence agencies when they concluded that Russia meddled to help him win the 2016 election?  Then, there’s the time Trump saw thousands celebrate 9/11 in New Jersey (check out this Trump interview on Infowars).  Why?  Because people told him so.

(For additional information on the Trump/Jones relationship check out Megyn Kelly interview with Mr. Jones.)

Did you know that Trump has called Alex Jones “amazing?”  It is true.  Trump has gladly been interviewed and praised by Alex Jones.  The same fellow that claimed the murdering of children at Sandy Hook was a conspiracy.  Alex Jones is real news?

Allow this to sink in: Trump calls Alex Jones “amazing.”

You know, the same Alex Jones that is known as being a controversial performance artist.”  It must be restated–Donald Trump believes a guy, the same guy, that endlessly claimed that the murdering of children was a conspiracy.  Such a man like Alex Jones is real news?  Now consider, Trump has also said Alex Jones’ “reputation is amazing.”  Alex Jones is not the only scandalous “news” outlet that Trump seems to support.

There’s also the Trump loyalist, Sean Hannity at Fox “News.”   The same Sean Hannity who actively sought to promote a young man’s murder to develop his own political conspiracy.  Even after Fox News retracted the story, Sean Hannity kept pushing the same bogus (and tasteless) narrative.

According to Politifact, Sean Hannity’s “scorecard” rates his statements as mostly true to true a combined 35% of the time.

However, Sean Hannity can get away with such bogus claims because his show is not even a news program–it’s considered an “entertainment” or “opinion” program.  This fact is brought to light in a Washington Post story, beautifully titled, “Sean Hannity thinks viewers can tell the difference between news and opinion. Hold on a moment.”

(Enjoy Ted Koppel telling Sean Hannity that he was “bad for America” but watch it from Hannity’s “Fake Editing” claims.  In the video, Hannity admits to being junk news.  How is that “Fake” Russia storyline holding up, Sean?)  

Trump will support guys like Hannity and Jones, while he attacks media institutions with superior credibility and a much greater track record than either he or his selected media outlets–it’s not even close.   However, the true pioneer behind Trump, Jones, and Hannity is a man who invented the art of choosing one’s own reality as a pathway to success. *College dropouts like Sean Hannity and Alex Jones owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the man that started it all (but Donald Trump owes his success to both his grandfather and father as he is a bigly third generation inheritance baby).  Who is this legendary man?

(*Nothing wrong with not going to college, that statement is about learning the importance of ethical standards in journalism.)

The one and only, Rush Limbaugh.  What can one say about Mr. Limbaugh?  No, seriously.   What can one say that has not already been said about Rush Limbaugh?  Even worse, one could follow my lead, write an exposé on Mr. Limbaugh (yours truly has) and nobody would read it.  

However, here’s a quick rundown on Rush Limbaugh.  He exploded on the scene during the beginning of the Bill Clinton Presidency.  In 1994, he was deemed instrumental enough to helping Newt Gingrich and the GOP break the Democrats forty-year control of the House of Representatives that we made an honorary Congressional GOP member.  In fact, Mr. Limbaugh was even chosen to speak before the 1994 freshmen class of House Republicans.

As noted in a 1994 article by the “failing” New York Times, Limbaugh offered up sage advice to the newly elected Republicans.  On the press, he said, “You will never ever be their friend.” Limbaugh would go to add, “This is not the time to get moderate.”  Then, he would close the show by suggesting that his fellow GOPers, “leave some liberals alive” so that in the future “we can show our children what they were.”

In the years that followed, Rush Limbaugh has made too many outrageous claims to even try to keep track of.  At this point, some people quickly dismiss his most outrageous claims as a side-effect to his “medication.”   Unfortunately as Mr. Limbaugh’s rhetoric grew stale, he was replaced by equally large-mouthed men with no qualms spewing lies, hate, and a fresh willingness to say anything to get themselves famous and to get paid.

Those that hope for a return to normalcy, or moderate politics, with compromise, must recognize that is not yet realistically possible.  Many politicians may wish to compromise with their counterparts (excluding the Tea Party types) but can’t because it remains politically unpopular and they will get voted out as the radio/TV pundits such as Limbaugh, Jones, and Hannity “tee” off on them for doing so.  We collectively must expose these propaganda profiteers and stop listening to their divisive fraud mongering before any normalcy can ever be re-established.  Consider this the first step.

Knowledge is power.

The beginning of their end will come, let us make the first day–TODAY!   After they are no more, maybe we can immortalize their beautiful mugs on the Mount Rushmore of B*llshit.

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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