The Divider-in-Chief Knows: Distraction

By Darrell Roberts

Words hold meaning.  Even the words coming out of the mouth of President Donald Trump.  The presidency of #DotardDonald should never become normal to the American public.  However, it has come time for the outrage to stop.

No, absolutely not.

That was a not a suggestion to begin giving the President a free pass to say or do whatever he wants (which he is going to do anyway).  No, the intent was to gain the reader’s attention.   Are you paying attention reader?   Good.  Here is the real purpose of this writing:  President Trump sparks ridiculous outrage as a method to redirect our collective attention.  Why?

Seemingly each and every time news comes out to further implicate President Trump, his family, or other present and past associates–the POTUS lobs a big hyperbolic distraction.  One can highlight the bigly failings of #DotardDonald but one must, needs to, admit his redirection efforts work.   President Trump controls the narrative, when he chooses to change the public conversation–he does.

Despite all of his recent troubles (and there has been many, believe me) the President has returned to control the narrative by dropping a barrage of random tweets:

Words matter.  Notice, that Trump says, “So wonderful”…who would think it “wonderful” to have to meet with victims of a horrendous attack?   The President meant it so much that only 15-minutes later–he’s tweeting about “Fake” news.

That brings us to today’s Twitter rampage:

A lecture on disrespect from a #DraftDodgingDotard.  Some of us prefer our patriotism to be questioned by those that were not draft dodgers.  Also, Trump has no “street cred” on taxes.  Remember, this same man lacks the guts to even his release his taxes.  Hell, Richard Nixon released his–while being under a real audit.

They oppose you, sir.  Thus, they apparently care about the “safety for U.S.A.” more than many of their Republican counterparts.   Paul Ryan anyone?   Ted Cruz?

After a day of golf, it is nice to sit down and sign stuff.  That’s the Trump way.  As is empty promises to do things that never seem to get done.

Speaking of “tanked,”  without Trump’s populist attacks based on “fake” patriotism and steeped in “real” racism–the disaster known as Trump’s Presidency would be the “talk of the industry!”   #Weak and #Sad  probably has a #BadBrain

Woah.  The most offensive of Trump’s tweets for today is his insult to our collective intelligence.  Trump does not read unless it’s from a teleprompter.  However, after nearly a year of practice, he’s still terrible.  In fact, he often seems surprised, and his voice reflections do not usually match up with the tone of the pre-written speech.

Like that time the “Failing” Access Hollywood set up Donald Trump by recording his conversation with Billy Bush?

Dang! It worked.  Did you notice the article lost its way–once it started focusing on the Trump tweets?  That is a perfect example of the Trump distraction.  Unfortunately, it works and will continue to work.  Even more unfortunate, Trump’s base is comprised of nitwits, dimwits, halfwits, an authentic collection of #dotardables;  but they are loyal and not going anywhere.

The sad truth remains that until Trump loses, he will continue to win.  Reasonable folks can have all the outrage they wish, but it does not matter–if Trump continues to win.  Congress has proven that they will not wholly stand-up to President Trump.  In fact, it’s a “big” news story when someone like a Senator Bob Corker acknowledges the incompetence, lack of discipline, and the clear and present danger of a Trump Presidency.

Today is the day that all anti-Trumpers come together to refocus and to begin working toward neutralizing the #Dotard agenda and to put a stop to the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trumps.”   Make no mistake that is our future if we continue to allow ourselves to be easily divided by reality show dramatics.  The first step to ending the Trump drama show begins today.   As the 2018 elections are in sight,  the public outrage toward Trump’s antics must appear in voter turnout.  Nobody is saying that one must vote Democrat, but one must vote against all candidates that will not resist the Trump regime.

Knowledge is power, attached is a list of 2018 election seats to be contested for the Senate and the House.   It is time to vote out the likes of “Lying” Ted Cruz, “Russian” Dana Rohrabacher, and Darrell Issa.  Just think, if successful in removing the inept G.O.P. from power, we then briefly enjoy another Trump Twitter meltdown before we ramp up to ensure Trump is out no later than January 2021.   Ask yourself, “Do I really want a President Trump until January 2025?”

No?  Then get to work.

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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