Hypocrisy: The New Normal

By David Paitsel

One of the most amusing phenomena of politics in the Trump era is watching Republicans trot out timeworn attacks against liberal and Democrat foes, only for their credibility instantly collapse in humiliating fashion under the weight of their support for Trump.

Our latest example comes courtesy of sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.   According to accusers, Weinstein used his production company as his personal casting couch, harassing women, soliciting sexual favors, intimidating would-be whistle-blowers, and behaving like an all-around lech.

Conservative commentators reacted with glee.   This story had all the fixings for everyone – even the boneheads on Fox and Friends – to start a good Two Minute Hate.  Sanctimonious so-cons and grassroots Trumpniks love to hate the Hollywood elite.   They think they’re better than us!  They demean our culture with all that nudity and violence!  They spread liberal propaganda, and they give money to Democrats.  Let’s haul out those Roman Polanski talking points!

It should have been an easy putt…except for one thing: the pussy-grabber they installed in the White House:

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

It’s fun to watch conservatives attack Democrats for taking Weinstein money, only to turn red-faced in embarrassment when they’re reminded how they dismissed their own leader’s braggadocio concerning sexual assault as mere “locker room talk.”  I guess they didn’t learn anything from Bill O’Reilley or Eric Bolling.  Or from going on the attack against Bill Clinton as they nominated a candidate who bragged about barging into dressing rooms to “inspect” Miss America and Miss Teen USA contestants in the nude.

So…even if Republicans ceded the ability to criticize sexual assault, surely they hold the moral high ground on patriotism and respect for the troops, right?  Not so fast.  If Trump’s five deferments from the draft (one for “temporary” bone spurs) weren’t bad enough, he told Howard Stern avoiding STDs was his “personal Vietnam.”   Mr. Bonespur also attacked John McCain for being a prisoner of war, claiming he “likes people who weren’t captured.”

Well, at least we have a president who takes the job seriously and doesn’t spend all his time golfing like Obama….oh, wait.

What about low-info Democrat voters?  DamnDamn again.

How about the mindless Obama cult?  Err…nevermind.

Republicans will always be the party of fiscal responsibility, right?  Not. So. Much.

Free trade?  No.

At least we avoided Hillary.  Remember how she approved that uranium deal with Russia after they donated money to the Clinton Foundation?  When it appears Trump colluded with the Russians to win the White House, it’s probably best to let bygones be bygones.

All that stuff about Hillary putting US secrets at risk with her private e-mail server?  Forget it.  I said forget it!

Party of Lincoln?  Nope.

Can’t Republicans, at the very least, be the party that raises the level of political discourse in our country?  Aren’t they the adults in the room?  Are you kidding?

The Republican Party destroyed itself when it allowed Trump to leave Cleveland with its presidential nomination.  A party of alt-right bigots, xenophobes, and dumb angry white guys has a limited future in a country with an increasingly educated and diverse electorate.

If Republicans have even the smallest hope of salvaging their reputations so the party remains a viable political vehicle in the future, more of them should follow Bob Corker’s lead, post haste.  It may be politically painful in the short term, but as the past nine months have shown, winning with Trump is worse than losing without him.

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  1. Well said, David, well said. Now we also have Ivana Trump throwing her hat in the ring. That will give us a nostalgic walk down memory lane as we watch another season of Dynasty. Two powerful women facing off over a spoiled man-baby. The Donald must love that. It’s going to take the heat off him for at least a while. I applaud Senator Bob Corker for calling Trump what he is, a reckless danger to our country. He makes the rest of the GOP look like stuttering idiots. They’ve let Trump sodomize the entire Republican Party as well as all of Washington itself by being complacent when it comes to how he’s ruining the country. They should have hit him with Ammendment 25 a long time ago. It was clear shortly after the inauguration that he wasn’t mentally fit to lead. Perhaps they thought they could work around him. He has used his position to make probably more money than he’s ever made in a very short time, hired his family to positions they are not qualified to do and spit in the face of the constitution. Let’s get rid of this bum.

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