Celebrating #Indigenous Peoples Day

By Touché

Today is nationally known as Columbus day. However, multiple cities are throwing out the Columbus day celebration for the Indigenous Peoples Day. (It really needs a better name than that, but until that happens, Indigenous People day it is.)

What is Indigenous Peoples Day? Advocates for the change argue that Columbus did not truly discover America in 1492. Gasp. What? Say it ain’t so. Native American activists say that Columbus only began the colonization of America at that time.

It is imperative that America learns about the people that were already here when Columbus arrived. In addition, we must learn what happened to those people after we took ownership of their land.

This book along with other curriculum should be required learning for our young people. Older folks need to be reeducated as well, as this was not part of the history they have learned.


Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day does not automatically cover up the multitude of sins that happened back then. It does, however, bring recognition to a very sensitive topic that needs to be acknowledged, and a very wonderful culture that is too often forgotten.

The way we treated our Native American friends is reprehensible. It is disgusting and America must ask for forgiveness.

It is no surprise that our supreme white nationalist leader does not recognize that Native Americans were here long before Columbus stumbled upon this land. Who still listens to Trump anymore anyways? Trump needs reeducation as well on this part of American history.

We must celebrate the beauty that Indigenous people add to America. They are truly a group of special people.

Just look at the beauty in their culture. Every American should learn more about the Native Americans. Their customs and traditions are very important to them, and rightly so.

Indigenous Peoples day is still a very touchy subject matter for some. As people study and research, the truth will come out. We must recognize and admire these folks. They willingly helped without question. We owe so much to them. We thank you for all that you have done. Indigenous people are a gorgeous unified richly cultured community that has fought genocide and other atrocities. Until Indigenous Peoples Day officially overrides Columbus Day, we will continue to fight. We stand with you Native Americans. We believe in you.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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