Dove Published Another Racist Ad

By Touché

Dove products decided it might be a good idea to throw their hat into the racist ring. Their latest ad shows a black woman, who, once washed in Dove, becomes a white woman. Seriously? Is the leader of the KKK the person that approves the Dove ad campaigns?

Above is the racist ad that Dove published. Upon further research this is not the first time Dove has put out a racist ad. Wait. What? You read that right. This just thrusts us straight back before the civil rights time. In addition, it wipes out all the positive work they have been doing for women.

Enter more evidence that Dove didn’t just “miss the mark” on this one. Above is a previous ad depicting the same, black as dirty white as clean, crap. Dove did issue a pathetic excuse of an apology (see below).

That was not even a sincere apology. Who wrote that one? The same KKK leader who approved the ad in the first place? Heads need to be rolling at Dove right now. Multiple folks must be fired for this disgusting display.

What can the consumer do to show that Dove’s repeated blatant racism will not be acceptable? Twitter has a wonderful idea. #BoycottDove starts trending and suddenly becomes very obtainable. In reality, if you refuse to boycott Dove, you are a part of the problem. Dove needs to feel this on their bottom line. Americans will not stand for this type of inexcusably revolting message. Let’s see Twitter’s response to a boycott.

Those are just three of a multitude of tweets that agree to boycott Dove. America will not allow a brand to disrespect the progress that has been made when it comes to civil rights. There is still much that can be done to continue in the positive steps forward in obtaining true civil rights. Dove will not be the vessel that makes us take steps backwards in this fight. We are all one race, the human race. Until everyone sees this the fight will continue. We will not grow weary of this fight towards equality. Equality for all.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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