Twitter Responds to Trump’s Contraceptive Roll Back

By Touché

Trump has just rolled back Obama’s contraceptive regulations. This would allow any employer to decide whether or not they cover birth control. This takes a basic women’s healthcare right away. Twitter has responded and has a lot to say about this. Enter the very active hashtag #HandsOffMyBC.

Let’s hope many many others will follow in her footsteps. We cannot allow such sexist regulations to remain.

You may, also, want to get new elected officials. 2018 here we come and with a vengeance.

This man, Trump, that has never respected woman should never be allowed to regulate women’s rights.

If only some men in Washington would think like the man above.


That is exactly what this is about. Control. Washington should not be allowed to control women’s anything. America is supposed to be a free nation.

Unfortunately, this is current America right now. Women must continue to fight for basic healthcare.

It is inconceivable that vaginas are more regulated and, top on the to-do list, than guns. Get your priorities straight Trump.

Isn’t that always the complaint from Republicans? Women just have children to get government assistance (Those lazy good for nothing people). Why then would you take away their ability to control the amount of children they have? Can you say hypocrisy?

Birth control should be a private decision that a woman and her doctor decide upon. Employers should not be allowed in the doctors office, and in that decision, for women’s bodies.

Ms. Anthony said it perfectly. Why are men ruling in favor of themselves and against women? Men have far too much power in our nation. Women must rise up and even out that power.

Please note the 1950 that has been crossed out and replaced with 2017. Why are we having the same conversation over and over again. This is the 21 century not the 1950’s, we already had this debate.

Obama states it best. Birth control is a basic healthcare benefit. Why is that so difficult for Washington to grasp? Contraceptives are a woman’s choice for her body. Women will continue the fight for that basic healthcare right. We will not just sit aside and let our healthcare be destroyed by brainless sexist control-hungry men.

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