Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Birth Control Regulations

By Touché

Just when you thought Trump couldn’t disrespect women any further, he accepts the challenge. Trump has rolled back Obama’s birth control regulations. America has dealt with two devastating hurricanes and a mass murder shooting, but Trump is focused on women’s vaginas (Absolutely the obvious choice here).

This roll back will allow employers to deny women birth control. Why would women’s employers get to decide if they need birth control or not? That should be a decision that the woman and her doctor make, not employers.

Why is Washington so focused on birth control anyways? They never focus on men’s reproductive situations (i.e. Viagra). Is this due to the fact that the majority of people making these regulations are old white men, who may or may not, need Viagra to assist them? That raises the question, why are old white men obsessed with controlling women’s reproductive situations?

Not every woman uses birth control to prevent pregnancy. Gasp. Shocking. No way. Some women use it for actual medical reasons. What medical reasons could birth control assist? The list is too long to mention. Has Washington looked into this side of birth control debate? Doubt it. That means they took away a regulation without all of the accurate information.

Precisely. Why does Washington want to control women’s uteruses? How is faith the excuse for this roll back? Employers should not be able to force their faith practices on their employees. America is supposed to be a land that has freedom of religion. That means each person should be able to choose how they practice, or do not practice, their faith.

Here is another aspect to this complicated issue. Abortion rates will increase with the decrease of contraceptive availabilty. There will be an increase in unwanted pregnancies with the access to birth control being stripped away from women. Did Trump, or any pro-life folks, take that into consideration? Of course not.

Birth control is not a faith issue. It is a medical issue. It is a personal issue, not a public issue and not a Washington issue. To deny women the right to choose whether or not to use birth control is to deny women basic healthcare. Washington needs to stop obsessing over denying women birth control. It is repulsive that a group of old white men are able to make detrimental choices for American women’s healthcare. Women will continue to fight for our right to make decisions for our own bodies. It is our body, so it should be our choice.

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