Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio Has Been Accepted

By Touché

In other disturbing news today, Trump’s parson of Joe Arpaio has been accepted. His guilty verdict has been dismissed, due to Trump’s pardon being upheld. This means that Arpaio cannot be tried in this case ever again. It also means that the judicial system has been completely disrespected, and hateful bigots won this round.

Here’s a quick recap for those not privy to this story. While Joe Arpaio was Maricopa County’s Sheriff, he was ordered by federal courts to stop the racial profiling he had been doing. Of course, as any true bigot would do, he violated the orders and continued on with his racial profiling. (He did other horrible things while he was Sheriff, but that is for another article.) Arpaio was eventually (It took WAY too long) convicted of criminal contempt of court. This is when the supreme leader, Trump, steps into play.

Bigots hang tight with one another. Trump decided to pardon his buddy, Arpaio. The pardon, in a sense, was accepting Arpaio’s systematically violation of a large amount of peoples’ Constitutional rights. Thusly, going against the Constitution altogether. If we have a president that does not respect the Constitution, that means we are seriously in dangerous territory.

Trump’s base is hailing Arapaio as “America’s Sheriff”. Who’s America? White America? Sorry to break it to you, Trump and Arpaio, but America is filled with all sorts of different people of various colors and races. That is one of the things that makes America so wonderful. Bigotry will not prevail, boys. You may have your unconstitutional pardon (Not that presidential pardons are unconstitutional, but rather, this pardon of treating countless folks unconstitutionally) this time. However, we simply will not be having any more hate spewing from either of you. America has had enough. Racism never wins. In order to “Make America Great Again”, we must respect and embrace all our differences; for it is those differences that bring us together.


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