Update: Deadly Shooting on The Las Vegas Strip

By Touché

Breaking overnight was the news of a mass casualty shooting situation. It all unfolded on the Las Vegas Strip near the Mandalay Bay hotel. An outside country concert was taking place when the situation began.

This mass casualty situation is completely horrific. More than 50 people likely have died, and in excess of 200 people have been injured. Those numbers are likely to change as the situation continues to wind down and facts become clearer.

The shooter has been killed per Las Vegas police. They are actively seeking the woman below for the questioning of her involvement in all of this.

They have come out and named the suspect as 64 year old Stephen Paddock. What causes one to do such a monstrous action? Why would this man want to cause so much pain for so many people?

The shooter was shooting from the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. This gave him a significant advantage over the crowd. The 30,000 concert goers were literally sitting ducks.

Unfortunately, a record no one would want to break has been broken. This has now been pinpointed as the deadliest mass shooting scene in US history.

This entire situation is unbelievably heartbreaking. People cannot even enjoy themselves at a concert anymore. Not to bring up politics, but gun laws must be reevaluated. It would not eliminate all attacks, but it could cut down the amount that occur. Stiffer guidelines and indepth background checks must be implemented prior to the purchasing of a weapon. In addition, an average everyday person has no need for an automatic high count killing machine. Why are these types of military guns even up for purchase? The current ability to access guns is unnerving and irresponsible. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone impacted by this horrific event.

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  1. Guns kill and injure more people more quickly than not having guns would do. Yes it isn’t the “gun” per se but the person and yes there are other ways to kill people, including improvised explosive devices. But gun violence is a disease in the United States of America and this was no terrorist plot. Just as the shooting of the Senators practicing for their annual baseball game was not a terrorist plot.

    Sadly, I believe this country has passed the point of no return as regards guns and their availability. Our culture is addicted to violence in sports, in movies and on television and in video games. I wish I knew of a viable solution to this mess.

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