Being A “Cracker” Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

By Susan Kuebler

Puerto Rico is devastated.  Trump is undercutting his own Secretary of State on Twitter.  North Korea is this close to declaring war on us.  Our healthcare system needs to be fixed and Congress can’t pass a single bill.  But please, let’s all get upset because a comedian on Saturday Night Live called Donald Trump a “cracker.”  Here is the video:

Twitterverse now seems to be upset that he used the term “cracker” to refer to Donald Trump, calling it racist.  Say what?


Well, I do object to being called a “cheap” cracker.  But Michael Che also called Trump a “bitch” and nobody seemed to get upset over that.  The term “cracker” is no more offensive than being called a “redneck” and much less than being called “poor white trash.”  In fact, it is rarely used any more and if you were to call some one a “cracker” today, you would probably get a Tucker Carlson “Duh, what are you talking about” look.

Having lived my entire life in the South, I’ve seen it used before, but usually it is used with pride. And never have I heard it used as a racial slur. In the 1960s, the minor league baseball team in Atlanta was known as the “Atlanta Crackers.”  There are a number of explanations for the source of this word, but it dates back to Shakespearean times and is probably derived from the same word as “crack” a joke.  Some people claim it comes from plantation owners cracking a whip over slaves, but as the entomology of the term goes back much further, I doubt if this is correct.  To compare its use to that of the “n” word is insulting to black people.

The only issue I have with Che’s calling Trump a cracker is that The Donald is a damned Yankee and not worthy of the term.  So this Georgia Cracker says you can use the word all day long without upsetting me one little bit.  And I don’t know anybody who lives in the South who would take offense.  In fact, you can make a really good salad using saltine crackers.  Here’s a recipe.

Please folks, there are far too many more important issues for us to deal with these days.  Trying to turn the word “cracker” into a racial slur should not be one of them.


"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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  1. I think it’s amusing that Trump is offended by being called a cracker. Considering the offensive name he called the football players and how verbally abusive he is to anyone he wants to attack. “Cracker” is nothing compared to what I call Trump on a daily basis and I know I’m not alone.
    He’s extremely thin-skinned for a big guy. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out…oh my, I sound like my mother.
    Trump, get back to work on trying to run this country you’ve just about ruined, then, when you’ve accomplished something (anything) treat yourself to some cheese and crackers.

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