Trump’s Unbelievable Attack On The Mayor of San Juan

By Susan Kuebler

Donald Trump may go down in the history books, not as the President of the United States, but as the President of La-La Land.  No, I’m not referring to Los Angeles, although LA is sometimes used to refer to “lower Alabama.”  That might fit him.  But he certainly doesn’t have a clue in what is going on in the rest of the country, outside his resort golf clubs and Trump Tower.

After ignoring the critical situation facing the American residents of Puerto Rico for the last week while he decided to renew his on-going battle with the NFL (who refused to let him purchase a team by the way), getting rid of his Secretary of Health and Human Services for wasteful use of private government jets, and praising the pathetic relief efforts in Puerto Rico; Trump woke up this morning and decided he had to finally do something about the crisis going on in that battered and destroyed island.

So what does he do?  He tweets out an attack against Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan.  That’s right, the mayor who has been begging and pleading for help for the citizens of her city and her country.  Here is a clip of an interview with her on Friday:

Her words, her emotion, her fears touch the hearts of any person with the least bit of sympathy to what these people have undergone.  Already cases of cholera have been reported in Puerto Rico due to the lack of clean drinking water.  Private individuals have risked their lives to deliver small amounts of supplies by plane.  The cruise line Royal Caribbean cancelled one of their cruises (with full refunds to all passengers) so that they could bring in much needed food and water and help over 3,000 people fill their cabins to evacuate.

But Donald Trump has no sympathy in his heart.  He has gone golfing.  And while he is staying at his luxury golf resort in Bedminster, NJ, which he reached by flying on Air Force One, he had the unmitigated gall to slander this woman on Twitter this morning:

Mr. Trump, the only poor leadership ability is yours.  You waited days before lifting the Jones Act to allow foreign owned ships to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico. You waited days before dispatching the hospital ship U.S.N.S. Comfort, which has yet to reach the island.  Officials who dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have said that your response is much, much worse.  How DARE you imply that these people are too lazy to help themselves?  “They want everything to be done for them….”?  That is one of the most insulting statements ever made by anyone occupying the Oval Office.

When the mayor of an American city is forced to take to the airwaves to BEG for help, that is not a fault in her leadership.  It is a fault in YOURS.  You have made inane comments about Puerto Rico being surrounded by “big water, ocean water” as one of the reasons why assistance has been delayed.  Yes, it is an island, but it is NOT in the middle of the Atlantic.  Ask Barron to show you one of his geography books.  You somehow seem to think you can take out North Korea, which has a lot more big ocean water between it and the U.S. than Puerto Rico.  Kim Jung Un is laughing up his sleeve at you right now.

What you do, what you should have done over a week ago, is to dispatch naval vessels loaded with supplies and generators.  You use the resources of the United States Air Force to fly in troops, supplies, and material.  You should have sent in THE MARINES!!!!

What you do not do is to spend your weekend golfing and attacking government officials who are watching their people die.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.


  1. Trump is living up to his “dead beat potus” status. Just when you think he can’t do any worse, he surprises you. What is it about this man who can’t even fake empathy for what these poor people on Puerto Rico are going through? What’s wrong with dropping life saving supplies by helicopter to areas that are inaccessible? It’s been done in war zones and that island sure looks like that now. If the CEO of Invictus Watches can make it to a small nursing home to deliver supplies via his private jet, certainly the USA can find a way.
    Donald Trump is not just a substandard President, he’s a poor excuse for a human.

  2. When President Obama asked Americans to give trump a chance, I told myself, “OK, though I have doubts…” Has there been one week where he hasn’t violated all that is decent, insulted someone in public, violated his presidential oath to protect the Constitution, etc.?

    When will the Republicans see they sold a part of their soul to get power that they can’t even vaguely use because they’ve spent most of the last decade just being obstructionists, not people dedicated to working with the opposition to work out the best compromises possible to benefit the American people? I don’t think they can recover from this mistake, this poor excuse for a human being, this person who plays golf when people on Puerto Rico can’t even get water, food, shelter, the basic medical needs with any certainty.

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