Louisiana Youth Forced to Stand During the National Anthem

By Touché

It is imperative that we teach our youth while they’re still young that you are not allowed to peacefully protest, so they know how go behave as adults. They need to know that we live in a society that makes everyone do exactly the same thing. In addition, our young people need to know that we unequivocally without question must do what Trump (or any future president) says to a tee.

Oh. Is this not what we want to teach our young people? Tell that to a school in Louisiana. Parkway High School that sent out a statement about young athlete refusing to stand during the National Anthem. If they so not comply, they will receive harsh consequences.

When did kneeling become a sign of disrespect? Is it not our right to protest peacefully? These children should not have to deal with such a preposterous stance against our first amendment.

This is teaching our children that their voices do not matter. That they do not have the power to invoke change in our world, and must comply to all orders. Wait. Is this North Korea? Nope. This is an American high school. What a shame.

Thank goodness for the court system. Now if we could only get the specific principal to obey the rulings. Kids should be able to express themselves peacefully. To take that away is ripping away their ability to think for themselves.

As a sign of solidarity, every athlete should take the knee. Perhaps not in protest, but to show the higher officials that they do have a voice and they will exercise it freely.

We must, absolutely must, teach our young people that they have rights. They do not have to blindly obey any and all orders that come from higher officials. We cannot teach our children that they cannot express their feelings. This would only create an entire generation of angry hopeless people. Is that really what we want? No. Our rights apply to every American. Every American no matter the age, race, gender, etc. Stand firm Louisiana kids (or actually, kneel firmly). You have a plethora of people behind you.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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