Trump Requiring Puerto Rico Evacuees to Pay Transportation Fees

By Touché

Just when you thought Trump couldn’t stoop any lower, he says, ‘Wait. Hold my diet coke.’ Let’s be honest, we are holding the bar pretty low for Trump to begin with. Imagine if Obama or George W. Bush had tried to pull half the crap Trump has pulled, it would’ve been a travesty. Why aren’t we holding the bar higher for Trump. For heaven’s sake, he is supposed to be the President of the United States. Which brings us to his next revolting act.

He is requiring those hit by Hurricane Maria to sign promissory notes that they will pay back their transportation fees to the Defense Department, though their repayments would go through the State Department. You read that right. Now, try to pick up your jaw up off the floor. It only get more disgusting with every detail.

Dominica and Puerto Rico are just two of the countries that have been forced to sign these promissory notes if they wanted to evacuate. Dominica was completely destroyed thanks to Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States, was hit by Hurricane Irma then devastated by Hurricane Maria. One would assume that we would be trying to assist these folks, most of them have lost everything, but nothing can be assumed with Trump in office.

The evacuees that have signed promissory notes are required to pay “the price of the last commercial one-way, full-fare (not discounted) economy ticket prior to the crisis.” They are forced to pay not a discounted amount, but full price, prior to the hurricane hitting. That alone is disgusting. However, it does just continue to get worse.

According to the State Department’s website, “the policy applies to all evacuees who boarded U.S. government aircraft or other vehicles to evacuate.” When we send our military, one would think that it would be considered a free way out of the devastated area. Oh. No. Any folks that used the US military transportation had to sign one of these promissory notes. Why is this even a thing? These are American citizens that we are speaking of. Even if they weren’t Americans, to make people that have just gone through a very traumatic event promise to pay anything is just plain repulsive. Now, the promissory notes can be waived, if it was medically necessary for a person to leave (Jeez, thanks for your hospitality). In any case, it is preposterous to think we should leave anyone in a dire situation to just tough it out. There is yet another revolting layer to this requirement.

Those that sign these promissory notes have limits put on their passports. When they say limits, they all but take it away from them. How do they get those limits lifted? According to the website, “Upon evacuation, a Department of State official must limit an evacuee’s passport. In order to obtain a new passport, an evacuee must arrange payment as agreed upon via the promissory note.” They have to pay back the government back before obtaining a new passport. This is just absolutely unbelievable. If your head is spinning and you heart is racing, you are not alone.

When did we become so inhumane? If Trump can lift the shipping restrictions, then he most certainly can lift these forced repayments. These people have lost everything. The very last thought on their mind is paying back the US for rescuing them. We are RESCUING them. Have a heart, Trump. These are American citizens that you are hurting. These people deserve better.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?


  1. WE did not become inhumane. It’s the self serving moron in the White House that is the creator of that debacle. It’s sad but I’m not surprised at all. He balked at sending relief at first because Puerto Rico had “debt”. WTF? Where does this poor excuse for a man get his thinking? I think there is a blank space between his ears. He has been preoccupied criticizing the NFL players for exercising their constitutional rights so that is his only excuse, because that is so much more important than human lives. Each week he gets worse. When you look at pictures of him, his eyes have a blank stare; lights on, nobody’s home. There are no emotions anywhere on that big, unsettling, orange face other than complete indifference. If he can’t profit from it, he ain’t doin’ it. This is unacceptable.
    There is no future for America unless we cut him loose. I’m afraid that the sad reality is that Orange is the new “blank”. It’s getting very old.

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