Latest Poll: Donald Trump Unfit To Be President

By Susan Kuebler

By now, everyone who follows politics knows that Trump has done, and continues to do badly, in the approval ratings conducted by all the major, respected polls.  In fact, he has done so badly that over the summer he crowed on Twitter when his approval ratings in one poll reached 40 percent.  That meant that nearly 60 percent (there were some undecideds) disapproved of his performance as President.  His approval ratings began at historic lows from the date of his inauguration, and with a few, rare exceptions, have remained there.

But the latest Quinnipiac poll, one of the more highly respected ones, had another category that showed some truly shocking numbers.  By a margin of 56 to 42 percent, a majority of those polled said that Donald Trump was “Unfit To Be President” combined with a 36 to 57 approval/disapproval percentage.  The step from disapproving of a president’s  job performance to saying that he is unfit for office is a huge leap to make.  At one time or another, most Americans have disapproved of how one of our presidents is doing his job, whether or not you were a supporter of his.  It could be his position on particular legislation, conduct of foreign policy, or any number of things.  And it is one of the reasons why a number of polls are often taken with a grain of salt.

But to say that you no longer believe that the person holding the highest office in the land is unfit for the job boggles the mind.  This is beyond disapproval of how the president is doing his job.  Fifty-six percent of the people surveyed said that he was unfit to do the job.  Sadly, there is much to support this view.

Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C. with little to no idea how our government works.  The concept of three equal and separate branches of government seemed to surprise him.  Remember his outrage when a federal judge DARED to strike down his Executive Orders on immigration.  Or his disbelief that not every Republican in Congress would fall lockstep behind him to pass his disastrous healthcare plans.  He has tried to persuade the Senate to abolish to the long-held filibuster rule and to do away with the requirement that 60 votes are needed to pass major legislation in that body.  The fact that he couldn’t even get a simple majority of 50 votes for his healthcare bill was lost on him, but not on Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

Let us not forget either that he decided to disregard the time-honored norms for a sitting President.  Trump continues to own and profit from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. while Jimmy Carter was forced to sell his peanut farm.  Trump has placed his daughter and son-in-law in positions of power despite laws against nepotism.  In fewer than six months in office he is under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for possible obstruction of justice charges as well as the role the Russian government played in his campaign and subsequent election.

And then there’s Twitter.  Donald Trump has used Twitter for years to spout his nonsense.  Before it was entertaining at best.  But now a President would needs short briefing papers with bullet points and pictures is using social media to conduct our nation’s foreign policy, and has come dangerously close to declaring war on North Korea using fewer than 140 characters.  He also takes to Twitter to mock his opponents, play to his base, and gives our enemies a frightening look into the thought processes of our head of state.  He used Twitter to set military policy, without consulting his generals, when he declared his ban on transgender troops serving in the armed forces.

He is under the delusion that he can re-negotiate NAFTA on Twitter, and has tried to do so. But it takes two to tango, and neither Mexico or Canada are going to use social media to conduct their government policies.  He has accused President Obama of illegally tapping Trump Tower during the campaign (false) and spent most of the past weekend engaged in a war of words against professional football players.  This was while the island of Puerto Rico was being devastated by Hurricane Maria, but that did not interest him enough to even send out one single tweet about it.

After promising to hire “the best people” to work for him, most of the federal agencies, in particular the State Department, are critically understaffed.  To date, within the West Wing, he has lost his National Security Advisor, two Communications Directors, his Press Secretary, Senior Advisor Steve Bannon, and his Chief of Staff.  The acting director of the DEA just announced that he could no longer work in a Trump Administration.  And, of course, he fired James Comey, the FBI Director.  Rumors are circulating throughout the capitol that come January, there will be a mass exodus of staff members currently working there.  He has also hired his son Eric’s wedding planner to manage federal housing in the New York area, and dismissed the Chief Usher at the White House to replace her with someone from one of his hotels.

Trump’s comments following the protests in Charlottesville reveal that his sympathies lie with the white supremacists, not with the average American.  The David Dukes and the Deplorables know that he is one of them.  During the campaign, he asked black voters to choose him, telling them “What have you got to lose?”  The answer to that question is now “Just about everything.”  Now many of the conservative commentators who had opposed Donald Trump, but felt that they ought to support him as President are beginning to change their minds.  They are recognizing that Trump is not just a bad president, but a dangerous one. And that Donald Trump is not fit to be president.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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