Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As A Woman

By Susan Kuebler

No, you simply cannot make this stuff up.  Newsweek has reported, along with photographs of the relevant documents, that Jared Kushner, husband to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and a senior official in the White House listed his gender as “female” on voter registration records in the State of New York.  Twice.

Now we all make paperwork mistakes from time to time.  Like that time my husband, who has a degree in Accounting, submitted his work papers instead of the final tax return to the state of Georgia one year. But the lady from the state tax office who called about it was sympathetic when I explained that my husband was an idiot.  However, it certainly doesn’t require a college degree, even if daddy had to pay for it, to understand the difference between “M” and “F” when completing paperwork.  We do it all the time.  At the doctor’s office, completing job applications (at least I think they can still ask that), applying for credit cards, or opening a bank account.

Jared has already had problems properly completing paperwork when he started working at the White House.  Such as omitting numerous meetings with Russian officials on his security clearance papers. He tried to blame an assistant for the omission, but he had to sign the documents.  Plus, he had to revise the forms more than once as new contacts with the Russians were revealed.

But how do you get being a guy or a girl wrong?  And not just one time.  I certainly do think that women’s votes should count more than men’s, because we are definitely the superior sex, but they don’t, so there was no rational reason for Jared to register as a woman.  It’s not like they have special women’s voting booths with free booze or anything.  Is this just simple carelessness?  It’s quite disconcerting that someone who carries such a large portfolio as Jared Kushner (achieving peace in the Middle East and completely overhauling the structure of the federal government) doesn’t know how to correctly fill out a voter registration card.  The devil, as they say, is in the details.  What if he negotiates a deal between Israel and Palestine, but can’t correctly circle an “I” or a “P” on the treaty form?

But it gets even better.  When he registered to vote in New Jersey, at the same time he was registered to vote in New York (Trump’s voter fraud commission needs to investigate this one) he listed his gender as “unknown.”  Is this the real reason why Trump suddenly decided to ban transgender troops from serving in the military?  To protect his son-in-law?

It was also disclosed this week that both Jared and Ivanka have been using private email accounts to conduct government business.  You know, sorta like that thing that Hillary did that keep Congress and the FBI investigating for over a year.  And probably for the same reason – to keep inquiring eyes from being able to see what they are saying.

And before you bring it up, no this is not the same as the loathsome allegations made against Michelle Obama.  Jared Kushner filled out these forms himself and has only himself to blame if he becomes the butt of jokes across social media and television.  Or as Jimmy Kimmel said regarding his use of private emails “Lock her up!”

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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