Saudi Women’s Equality: Driving is Now Permitted

By Touché

Saudi Arabia just made a huge leap towards women’s equality. It may seem like a small step to us Americans, but to the Saudi woman, it is a huge step forward. We should all praise Saudi Arabia for their historic decision here.

The fact that Trump is in the picture means absolutely nothing to do with SA’s choice here. Bad photo choice by The Hill folks (good story though).

This is amazing news for everyone involved.

The rulers might think they came up with this all on their own, but the Saudi women have been fighting for this for a long time. They just so happened to win this time. Congrats Saudi ladies.

It takes a lot to be an activist in SA. It could very well be your life at stake. We commend these brave strong women for standing up for themselves.

All joking aside, this is a big step towards women’s equality in SA. What will the next step be?

This is a big day in international women’s equality. Every women should encourage our fellow Saudi sisters that will finally be able to drive. Saudi Arabia may not know it yet, but this is just the first step in many to come for Saudi women’s equality. Keep fighting on Saudi ladies. We are standing behind you.

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