Privilege on Parade: Trump vs. Kaepernick

By David M. Reiss, M.D.

Some people maintain that anyone who supports or has supported Trump is equally as corrupt, disrespectful of the law, misogynist, crude, dishonest, racist and generally ignorant as Trump’s behaviors (throughout his personal life and during his campaign and his Presidency) have appeared.

Others maintain that Trump’s disregard for rules, decency, logic, consistency and reality are not seen by supporters as positive traits in themselves, but are “overlooked” due to the desire to rebel against the “establishment”; to elect someone who “says what he thinks”; someone who gives no quarter to what might be “politically correct”; someone who claims to “be his own man”, answering and beholden to no one for money; someone who is “real” and “unfiltered.”

The second group has also generally argued that a man like Trump was needed to “drain the swamp.”  Not that every politician and every public official is corrupt, but that there has been sufficient corruption, of sufficient danger, to warrant dramatic action, well outside of the bounds of accepted standards, to displace the “bad apples.”

Leave aside the logic of arguments regarding each of those positions.

Leave aside the reality of the suppositions of each those positions.

Leave aside taking into account the dangers inherent to electing an “outsider” with no experience in government and no respect for common decency.

Certainly, if one maintains the arguments of the second group, it logically follows that Colin Kaepernick is a person who must be totally revered.

Certainly, Kaepernick represents the position that the establishment must be “shaken up” in the name of principle; that “bad apples” must be removed from positions of (law enforcement) power; and that the effort to do so justifies overlooking some questionable personal behaviors (e.g., failing to vote) and disregarding some established conventions (e.g., by kneeling during the National Anthem at football games).

Certainly, Kaepernick represents personal independence; the refusal to answer blindly to established authority; not being beholden to anyone for money; the willingness to say what he believes; and the determination to support his goals.

Certainly, Kaepernick embodies the “best” of the traits supposedly desired by Trump’s supporters, without a fraction of the lack of personal ethics, lack of maturity and lack of compassion displayed by Trump.

Thus, whether one does or does not agree with Kaepernick’s specific point of view and tactics, if a Trump supporter does not wholly support and respect Kaepernick as a person, he/she is guilty of gross hypocrisy if not outright racism.

Condemning Kaepernick as an “unpatriotic” person while supporting Trump is, (at best), despicable Privilege on Parade.

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  1. Yet, again, we are put upon by this poor excuse for a potus who really shouldn’t be concerning himself with who does or does not exercise their right to peacefully protest. He has taken away the rights of immigrants to seek a better life. He’s taken away the rights of good, honest people dedicated to serving the country in their respective positions by firing them on a whim because they didn’t agree with him on some issue. He loves to throw his weight around to entertain his fans who haven’t yet figured out that he’s a useless President that doesn’t know his job description. All of this smoke and mirrors is designed to try to distract us (because we’re just dumb citizens who aren’t millionaires).
    Kaepernick has done more to bring attention to racism than anyone in the White House and all he had to do was kneel.

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