The Rise of the Exempt Majority

By Leisa Mae

Steve Mnuchin used an Air Force C-37 jet to travel from Trump Tower in Manhattan to the U.S. Capitol on Aug. 15. The one-hour flight cost taxpayers $25,000.00. Tom Price, the head of the Health and Human Services Department, has run up an estimated $300,000 in private charter flight costs. Politico reports that Price utilized private planes at least 24 times since his confirmation in February. ABC News spoke to former officials of the treasury and transportation departments who said this type of government travel was “exceedingly rare”.

The latest scandal to surface from the thieves in the White House is one that we should take as the spit in the face that it is. The blatant disregard for the hard working Americans tax dollars. To use our money to transport thugs in suits around like they are kings is truly abhorrent and comes from a false sense of entitlement.  Make no mistake about it though, this behavior is not the one off for a couple of players who are abusing their power. This is the general attitude of this administration.  They are engaging in this kind of wastefulness because that is the example being set by a fake president.

I say if his supporters are okay with paying for this frivolousness, then let THEM pay for it.  For the majority who are not okay with it, the majority who struggle just to get from point A to B, now’s the time to do something about it. Change our tax status to exempt. Mitigate the damage by cutting off the federal tax dollars being misappropriated by this group of billionaires. The audacity of the rich taking money from our paychecks to enrich themselves rather than use it as it was intended – for the enrichment of Americans lives, is criminal.

What can we do when the rule makers are the ones breaking the rules? Whatever we can and have to do to protect ourselves is the short answer. One idea is to claim exempt. Cut them off. Take our chances that we cripple them and render them unable to do anything about it. Honestly, the idea that this group of goons could get it together enough to stop us, is laughable at best. We can go without a lot longer than them. We’ve gotten good at it.

This latest example is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure we sleep better at night not knowing the scale of what is really going on. A quiet easy way to protest this abuse is to change our W4’s to exempt. That is our right to do. If everybody did that in an act of protest we could get them out. Look at this way, if we cut them off they will no longer have an incentive to stay.

The IRS gives no maximum time that you may be on an exempt status. You must balance the potential tax bill with the zero interest loan you give the IRS if you withhold too much and end the year with a large refund. If you end the tax year with a bill that you cannot pay at the tax deadline in April, you can file an extension using tax form 4868. There will be penalties of .5 percent per month, not to exceed 25 percent, for paying late. You may appeal this penalty if you have an acceptable reason for filing late and so what?  Let them attempt to penalize millions of Americans.  

If everybody in the country didn’t pay taxes for a week it would be crippling. If we withheld for 6 months it would destroy them. They wouldn’t have the funds to pay the IRS salaries to process millions of audits let alone the legal costs to seize assists. Which, to get to the point where heavy penalties were being imposed or assets were in danger of being confiscated takes time. There is a process that must take place before those consequences are in play.

Question is are we willing to take that risk in an act of protest?  All battles come with risk, we choose our battles daily in mundane ways whether we realize it or not.  When it comes to battles like the one we have at our feet now, the battle to take a corrupt government out of power is the duty of every American. Extreme measures must be taken when we face extreme injustice. It is no longer productive to argue who’s to blame for how we got here, it’s become apparent, however, that something needs to be done to stop it. When there is a lawlessness power threatening our lives and stealing from us, we have no choice but to use lawless tactics to defend ourselves. The threat this government is to the people only grows each day. They say every country gets the leadership it deserves. Do we deserve to pay for leadership that divides us, lies to us, steals from us and intentionally violates the laws in place to protect us from these very circumstances in the first place? How much are we willing to lose before we take a stand in a way that actually hurts them and destabilizes them?  Sure, protesting in the street is always an attention getter but seldom does it do much more than that. We have a government in place that makes protesting not only dangerous but also life-threatening. Some states are allowing people to run protestors over in the streets and the violence that breaks out usually ends with a tragedy of some kind.

We can silently and efficiently protest this government by claiming exempt. Why give them our hard earned dollars when they are abusing their power and using it for their own enrichment? Why keep paying salaries for people who are systematically attempting to take away our health, wealth and constitutional freedoms? The very things they are supposed to be protecting. It will come to a point when the conditions we live in get so dire that we will only have ourselves to blame.

An “Exempt Majority” can wage a war where no violence or loss of life comes as a result of the battle.


  1. Munchin and his skank wife have joined the Trump Club. All of the billionaires he appointed (because he doesn’t like poor people) have lived like that for years. There’s no concern for any citizen of America, this is all just a rich Boys Club who think they can do whatever they want, i.e. Live off the fat of the land without paying their fair share. Trump reminds me a lot of Kim Jong Un in that he dines on caviar while the people go to bed hungry. It’s a shameful reality that can only be remedied by impeachment or conviction of obstruction. The GOP-save for Sen. John McCain-should be embarrassed by what they’ve become.

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