LeBron James’s Is My Champion

By Jason Taylor

The Friday night bolus of Trump outbursts, polarizing announcements, childish name calling and enemy trolling waned for a while, but the pattern is now back in full force, just like early in 2017. No Jared and Ivanka on Fridays, and now maybe no General Kelly, to pry the phone out of his hands. Once again, Trump has proven he is incapable of being president of all Americans by saying something unifying (e.g., everyone has a right to protest, John McCain is his own man, etc.). He has instead chosen to become a sad, divisive, grumpy old man who’d rather yell “get off my lawn!”

What else is new with this abomination? If you’re black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, or another nonwhite, he has nothing good to say about them. However, if you wear hoods and shout racist and bigoted remarks, he loves you. To call out those athletes that kneel as “SOB”, not only insults them but their mothers as well. This man has no capacity of any kind to lead, much less this nation in troubled waters. He is, in fact, defines the word trouble itself. If anyone needed a psychiatric evaluation, it is this man. I guess he expects Americans to praise him at every turn, to lavish him with warm words, and obey him unquestionably. Sick, sick, sick wannabe dictator.

Let’s not fail to notice that this is more than a race issue. Trump is playing the patriotism card as well, trying to create an image of himself as a defender of the Stars and Stripes. Ironic, coming from a draft-dodging tax evader like Trump, but I am sure we will see an even stronger effort to paint himself as super-patriot. And of course, that makes anyone who opposes his policies unpatriotic by inference.

We are through the looking glass when the President of the United States says publicly that someone engaging in constitutionally protected free speech is a “son of a bitch” who should be fired from his job. Even Nixon kept those sort of sentiments to private conversations.

Trump can say what he wants but an owner would face a breach of contract suit if he fired any player for exercising their First Amendment rights. Certainly, most contracts will include language that allows termination if the player says or does something which is damaging to the team as a brand. There may be specific in this regard, but the owner, firing a player for sitting out the national anthem would have to prove the team organization suffered financial loss in any defense against a wrongful termination or breach of contract suit. Good luck with that one. When the president advocates for the abrogation of the constitutional rights of any citizen, you have to wonder where this country is headed.

Being invited to the White House is an honor only if the resident of that House is worthy of honor. You, Trump, are not worthy of having your family name mentioned in the same sentence with honor.

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  1. Just when you think Trump has sunk as low as he possibly can, he surprises us and dives even further in to the “Asshole Abyss”. Perhaps if he just went to work on any given day like most people do and tended to the issues that are on his docket, i.e. North Korea, Hurricane recovery, getting anything accomplished in the Oval Office, he could avoid making himself look incompetent, ( I don’t really believe that, though). But, no, he has to delve into areas he has no knowledge of and completely go in a another direction that has nothing to do with being president. Proof positive that he is in way over his head. He can’t even fake it anymore, this man sucks big time as potus and we better do something about it or we are doomed.
    Somebody needs to sit down with him and read the Constitution to him and explain it to him in a way he can understand. Or, just take the easy and smart way out and fire him.
    I love my country, I love my flag but I think next time I hear the National Anthem I may just kneel in support of our rights under the constitution and the right of people to protest if they so choose.

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