John McCain Is My Hero

By Jason Taylor

I am so proud of Senator John McCain. He is a senator who puts the nation ahead of his state’s parochial interests. Sure, his constituents matter, but the needs of the nation mattered more. Healthcare is a national right. It can’t be trusted to the states to manage wisely. Too many local legislators will stick their fingers in the benefits pie. As for governors, some are good, but others (like Texan’s) are truly awful.

Trump’s lazy and unwilling to roll up his sleeves to do a good job. Hard graft, detail, policy development are beyond his limited capabilities. All those campaign promises!!

McCain at least is realistic concerning the challenges, the dangers of pursuing the current pattern of lack of scrutiny and oversight. Trump meanwhile just wants to be fed bills to sign and hold those hateful rallies with his adoring fans. Who could have thought being President was such a cushy number? The biggest challenge this administration faces is how to shut Trump up and take away his phone. This needs fixing urgently as the interminable squabbles and insulting brickbats are just tiresome.

The world does not need a Trump at the helm of its largest democracy, but it does need someone who is more considered and conciliatory, a peacemaker and someone who cares more about people than himself.

The semantics of the Affordable Care Act always make me chuckle. When Lindsay Graham and other Republicans use the words Obama Care instead of Affordable Care Act, there is a visceral anguish in their voices as if the words Obama and Care are oxymorons. Repeal is not the answer. President Obama’s act is one of the most moral and ethical political choices of our lifetime because it aims to help all. What would happen if Republicans helped Obama Care in new ways? They might actually need to say Obama Care with a smile on their faces. That would be progress.

I am so glad to be able that Senator McCain has not disappointed. I admire him enormously in many ways, and for many reasons; but his initial apparent support for repeal was devastating — and his subsequent no vote, inspiring. I am so thankful that this American hero continues to be an inspiration in the otherwise entirely dispiriting world of US politics.

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