Trump Moves Against North Korea Again

By Jason Taylor

I’m all for more sanctions but where is the Right’s outrage over, yet another, an executive order? President Obama was forced to use them because of a recalcitrant Republican Congress that stymied every initiative, no matter how popular, just out of pique and partisan posturing. If they thought the Democrats would be blamed, they would have shut down the government for 6 years and waited out his term, as they did with Merrick Garland’s nomination.

Still, every time he attempted to move things forward on his own he was met with outrage, lawsuits and arguments of an “imperial” presidency that skirted the proper channels of government. Now we have a president who relies on this perk as his first and only way of making law while his own party controls the legislative branch of the same government. As with the deficit, the filibuster, Congressional rule changes and, even the Constitution itself, you can always count on the Republican talking points changing as soon as they take control of the levers of power. Look at Paul Ryan’s pathetic attempt to blame Democrats for using the debt ceiling as political leverage when no one had even been aware of a debt ceiling until the Republicans used it as a blunt instrument against Obama.

No one can predict the future but here is an alternative we should be considering.

It’s surprising that American policy seems predicated on the fact that North Korea will use Nuclear weapons against us when the point of having Nukes is not using them but rather leveraging the threat of using them. The question everyone wants the answer to, is what does Un want? I don’t think he wants security. He is a young man and he may be more ambitious than the West thinks.

He has gone to a great deal of trouble to get ICBMs armed with nukes and is unlikely to want to negotiate them away for rice, oil, and a non-aggression pact with the US. I think he wants to unify the Korean Peninsula. He could launch a conventional attack against the South and try to use his Nuclear capabilities to keep America from intervening, even if he kills some American troops. With a nuclear sword poised to strike Japan or the Western US, America will be forced to retreat. Then with the manufacturing infrastructure of the South, he can make a united Korea into a smaller version of Communist China.

Bellicose rhetoric and sanctions will not prevent the day when Trump will have to choose between millions of dead Japanese or Americans and letting the Koreas fight another war on their own, they may precipitate it. We should be treating Kim with more respect and we shouldn’t insist on concessions before talking. This seems like another example of America not understanding its adversary and stumbling into disaster.

So after all the bluster, after Trump surrogates calling previous administrations weak, Trump is basically handling the North Korean problem the same way as previous administrations.

I would say this is a shockingly sensible move by the administration, except Trump has a tendency to issue one official position at 10 a.m. and tweet something the exact opposite at 3 p.m.

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