Roy Moore Should Do The Decent Thing and Suspend His Campaign

By John Thorsson

A few days ago, I wrote about the absolutely horrid decision that Alabamians have to make on Tuesday in the special election run-off for the Senate. If you wish to read that piece, click here. Long story short on that article, is that both candidates are horrible. One is handpicked by Trump himself, while the other is handpicked by Steve Bannon. Neither seems to want to discuss policy, if they even have the ability to, and one of the candidates can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. That candidate is Roy Moore, and he’s doing it again!

HIs latest gaffe happened back in 2005. See, Mr. Moore is a devoutly religious man, and it’s gotten him in trouble a few times throughout his career. On two separate occasions, he has been removed from his office as Chief Justice of the state of Alabama. Once was for refusing to have state judges issue marriage licenses to gay couples after the Supreme Court ruled homosexual marriages legal in all 50 states. He decided to write a book about his beliefs and ordeal and went on C-Span 2 to promote his book on After Words with Bill Press. Press asked Moore about the ruling by the Court that allowed homosexual marriage, and after some dodging Moore admitted that he believes being gay should be illegal.

Now, I’m going to be completely upfront here: I grew up in a religious home, went to a private Christian school for my high school years, so I know how most people of religious convictions would answer this. They had a saying of “hate the sin, not the sinner.” I somehow feel that message was lost on Roy Moore. To make matters even worse, this loon constantly went on a radio station of a friend of his who is a pastor; and on that show, they’d banter back and forth about how being gay should be a crime punishable by death. This is the sort of thing you hear about in middle eastern countries, not here in America. Roy has clearly forgotten his history, or never knew it in the first place, but the settlers who came to this country did so to escape religious persecution. They didn’t want to be told what to believe by the Church of England, so they left. Now this guy, who claims to speak on behalf of the Christian faith, wants to punish someone for the relationship they have with someone else? That’s not what this country stands for at all!

Let me make one thing clear, Mr. Moore has the right to his opinion. It’s his right as an American, but he doesn’t have the right to use his beliefs to infringe upon the freedoms that someone else has. Namely the freedom that the other person has to love someone regardless of their sex or anything else.

To say that you disagree with homosexuality is one thing. In a country as large as ours, there are going to be differences of opinion and that’s perfectly fine and healthy. But Roy Moore takes it way too far over the line, he’s a disgrace to Christianity, and he should be absolutely ashamed of himself for his words. What somebody does in their own house, with nobody else around is none of his business.

The people of Alabama, if they were smart, would kick this guy to the curb. America doesn’t need someone of his prejudices being anywhere near a place of power. We have enough problems in this country without adding someone who would be perfectly happy turning us into a theocracy.  But they voted for him twice to the Alabama Supreme Court, he’s leading in the polls for the election on Tuesday, so once again, maybe I’ve misread the party I’ve associated myself with since I was old enough to vote. To think that anyone would consider giving their vote to someone who consistently says things like “the shootings in Chicago are God’s wrath on this country.” Or “9/11 happened because God is angry at America.” It’s ridiculous and it’s about time someone called this guy out and forced him to shut his mouth.

So this is it Mr. Moore: for the good of the country, and for your own best interests. Stop making a fool of yourself, stop giving Christianity a bad name, and do the people of this nation a favor and suspend your campaign. America can do better and deserves better than the likes of you.


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