Emmanuel Macron Knew What He Was Doing

By Jason Taylor

When Trump exits the world stage, hopefully, sooner than later, his reputation as a leader and deal maker will be finally shattered for good. But his perpetually aggrieved supporters will continue to believe that his “great” ideas never emerged into the light of day because of his political enemies.

The reality is that Trump doesn’t have ideas or solutions, only slogans, and attacks. That’s why he is out selling his tax plan before it exists. He has no credible alternatives to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Paris Climate Accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the ACA, DACA or any other policy he has demolished or sabotaged. So the fallback is denial, which is fast becoming the trademark of the GOP. In a few years, it will be all the more obvious that Trump supporters have been harmed by denial while his opponents benefit from progressive actions like promoting a clean energy economy among a group of 15 forward-looking states.

President Macron was a philosopher, accomplished pianist, successful businessman and now President of France all before the age of 40. We can only fantasize about having a comparable American man or woman with the courage and the intellect to raise the level of our political discourse to President Macron’s level whether you agree with him or not.

However, the concern is the wisdom of talking publicly about efforts to convince Trump on Iran and climate change. Trump does not respond well to being upstaged or even perceiving that another would receive public credit at his expense.

Macron’s ideas are too logical and subtle for Trump, who only understands brute force, insults and disparagement. I hope I’m wrong but I feel Trump will ignore Macron just for spite. Trump’s aim is not world peace and global safety, but satisfying his base to get reelected, and undoing everything that President Obama accomplished. So far he has not given us any reason to think otherwise.

Macron was elected on a transformation platform and that is exactly what he will deliver. He has the authority and the majority in the Parliament to proceed. You cannot compare unions in the France with the US where they have been weakened to the point that they have no power to protect workers against big business. French unions have stopped any labor reform for years and have a stranglehold on companies and the French economy. Remember them chasing the airline executive so they could hold him hostage and be ripping his shirt off when he tried to climb over a fence? They have had too much power. There is a new optimism, since Brexit and Trump’s election, that the EU is worthy and can be made sustainable. The unions may yet call for strikes, but the reforms which are modest will go through, and the French already have a Let’s see what he can do attitude.

Mr. Trump. we the people of the United States made “the worst deal ever” when we elected you President. The Iran Nuclear “deal” at least has provided results in terms of slowing their nuclear development. What has our “deal” with you yielded? Three, now maybe four tries at replacing a working health care insurance plan which is liked by the majority of us with variations of a plan which ultimately leaves health care coverage up to us and under restrictions of the states. Thanks, but no thanks.

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