Twitter Celebrates International Peace Day

By Tiffany Rodgers

Today is the International Peace Day. There seems to be a day for everything, but this is one we can really lean into. We must love each other. If we love each other, peace will ensue. Let’s take a look at what Twitter has to say on this peaceful day.

Peace is our gift to each other. Do not be stingy with your gift, especially on today, but everyday.

Armed conflict, or war, devastates all involved. There is a better way to work with other nations to resolve conflicts peacefully. Just try it and see what happens.

Wise words from Gandhi, yet doesn’t he always speak wise words?

Antagonizing Kim Jong-Un is not the path to peace, but rather a path to war. Everyone sees this except our supreme leader Trump. Will someone please stop him from further agitating the very unstable Kim?

Jimi Hendricks was not only a guitar god, but he spoke words of truth and love. We could all learn a lot from Mr. Jimi Hendricks.

If the world would just learn from the folks in history, we would not have so much conflict with one another. We must study history, so it does not repeat itself.

Mother Teresa is the epitome of spreading peace, kindness, and love. We could learn a so much from her and her service. It should be a required course in school to learn about her life.

On this day, celebrating international peace, we must consciously focus on being kind, loving, and understanding of one another. If everyone were to focus on spreading peace in their bubble of the world, peace would truly abound. Let’s start with today and see what a difference you can make.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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