Sink The Bill! A Call On All To Stop Obamacare’s Repeal

By David Malcolm

This all seems so familiar like we’ve been here before. Once again, with time on their hands and a desperate primal urge to look competent, the Republican Party has decided to take a gamble at fulfilling a hopeless promise. A concerned and wounded beast is always dangerous and the new Lindsay-Graham bill is no exception, given how it intends to rob millions of Americans of the much-needed healthcare.

Where is the compassion of these people? Who, in their right mind, can leave millions of people at risk and call it good government? Clearly, common sense and Christian compassion have long left the Republican Party ever since it elected a man who talks openly of groping women while failing to decry the plague of extreme nationalism. Just as Trump puts the lives of millions of Koreans and Americans at risk over posturing with North Korea, his own party are hoping to please their master by allowing American citizens to die.

Do not be fooled by the bill’s gathering momentum; it is not in the interest of the United States to see this bill through. Obamacare has many flaws but that was exactly why members of both parties were meeting together and hoping to fix the system until something better comes along like, for instance, Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer system. Of course, the Republicans aren’t interested in playing ball or playing nice with ‘the enemy’ but in the selfish pursuit of power. Hinder not help seems to be the rallying cry of the GOP leadership along with ‘Wealth, not Health.’

The only saving grace is that, much like before, the GOP doesn’t have the necessary votes they require. Despite Jon McCain’s colleagues favouring the bill and a clearly desperate bid to woo Lisa Murkowski, another opponent of repealing Obamacare with an ‘Alaska Purchase’, the slim majority in the Senate means that the Republicans can only afford three defections. They can afford no defections now since Rand Paul publicly opposes the new repeal bill and Susan Collins from Maine is almost certain to vote ‘no’ as well. That leaves the repeal bill hanging on the edge. Given past experience, it is likely that the bill will fail.

But it is far from certain. Thus the new frantic push to stop this bill is underway, including a vigorous campaign for ordinary people to call or at least reach out to their representatives. It is the people who will make the difference. If it passes, it leaves the fate of millions in uncertainty and doubt. If the GOP is willing to sacrifice the lives of their own people like this, then they clearly don’t deserve to be in office, especially after all the bipartisan efforts thus far. Obamacare could be the first step towards a better system, towards Bernie Sanders’ dream of a Single Payer Health Care system,  a system that will benefit everyone and will finally prove that America does indeed care for its citizens’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Remember the rallying cry of ‘Health, Not Wealth’ and keep pushing against this bill. We must fight for those who cannot defend themselves and resist always the potential for officials to harm those they claim to serve. Every politician has a duty to all their people, not just the ones who vote for them. It is their duty to preserve the rights that our ancestors fought and died for. If we are to be called compassionate, we might prove it with deeds that benefit the majority of people.

This bill deserves to fail. The GOP, in their current state, deserve to fail if they prefer to let people die for their own interests. Trump deserves to fail though we must not let him drag this country down with him. We have until next week to keep calling and messaging those who are undecided or even those who think they are firm in their resolve. We must remind them of their true duty, of the higher purpose that they serve.

Above all, we must remind Trump that the Constitution is not just a series of high-minded turn of phrases. It is a valuable reminder of the power of ordinary people. Let us demonstrate that power and let us help our country and our neighbours.

I'm a historian based in the UK who likes jumping from one thought to next. I love to learn new things and explore other ideas.

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