Mueller Seeks Out Trump

By Jason Taylor

What an opportunity for Donald to prove his innocence! Trump once said that the only secure way to send a really sensitive message was to write it down and have it delivered by courier: sending messages by the internet would be not safe (and I agree). So many sensitive messages will not have been sent by email but have gone by courier. So ask the couriers about their logs, the messages transferred, from where and when to whom where and when, and then ask the senders and receivers separately about the content. Since written messages are special, and should be memorable, one cannot hide behind the Nixonian ‘You can say I don’t remember, you can say I don’t recall’. In this way, Trump can easily clear himself and leave this nightmare behind him.

What if Trump fires Mueller? What does that say about Trump and how will Congress react? What if the investigation is completed and it spells out, dare I say it, treasonous behavior/collusion with a foreign power against our nation? If Trump’s so-called base rejects the findings that reflect concerning thoughts about the civic underpinnings of our nation. If the Republican Party does little or nothing, that looks like an indictment of our political’s not about the good of the nation…it’s about the Party/Tribe. Serious times.

I smell a Constitutional crisis around the corner. Trump is going to fight this thing all the way and he won’t care what gets destroyed in the process. Whatever the speeches he reads imply he’s thinking about the U.S.A., he’s really interested in himself only.

Quite simply, if Mueller doesn’t go deeply into Trump’s personal finances, then he won’t be doing his job. That’s where he will find money laundering, tax evasion, and plenty of deals with shady characters. Obstruction of justice will be hard to prove and will leave room for disagreement about the meaning of words. On the other hand, money laundering will be ironclad proof that Trump is a criminal.

Personal finances got Al Capone. Personal finances will get Trump — but only if they are investigated and revealed.

Mueller, like everyone else, is clearly aware that some of the requested documents will be destroyed (or have recently been destroyed) in an effort to protect Trump. At worst, the request is the bait that will lead to a cascade of charges involving obstruction of justice. Documents or no documents, this is the kind of move that brings on the inevitable, Checkmate.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s ok-I’m wrong a lot, but I thought I read that Trump could not fire Mueller if he was investigating him for obstruction. It seems that since nobody is above the law there should be some protection for Mueller while he’s doing his job. Any clarification on this will be much appreciated.

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