GOP Passing Buck On Pre-Existing Conditions

By Andrew Witzel

The new bill proposed by the GOP to partially repeal and replace portions of the ObamaCare bill is a minefield of uncertainty. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) warned on Wednesday that the new bill would “undermine” protections of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Rather than the GOP actually deciding on something solid, they are going to allow states to waive key consumer protections and safeguards as they see fit. The bill allows states to repeal rules that protect people with pre-existing conditions from being charged higher premiums than those that have no pre-existing conditions.

One of the cornerstones of the new bill shifts funding for the plan to block grants provided directly to the states. BCBSA gave a strong warning that funding cuts in the bill could create block grants too small for the states to properly cover their residents. At a time when some states are increasing, not decreasing, ObamaCare plan membership, a funding cut now would put the markets in more than 30 states into serious jeopardy. Plans that suddenly become more expensive will force a decision by many Americans to drop coverage altogether or at the very least, decrease coverage significantly.

Previous attempts at repealing and replacing completely and partially repealing have failed in Congress. The GOP is struggling to find a common ground among their members to find a solution to the president’s campaign promise to get rid of ObamaCare. Trying to fix the current system is a waste of time when they should be pursuing a single-payer or tiered healthcare system. How can guaranteed coverage for every American be a bad thing in the long-term? Some short-term pain now is necessary so that the broken system we use can be fixed. Once the people getting wealthier off the current system are bypassed by the will of the people, the sooner we can move forward with a better system altogether.

I'm a middle aged tech geek with a passion for computers, technology, politics and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I am what could be considered a moderate progressive and like to consider all sides of a debate before taking a position.

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