Update on the Two Disasters Happening Right Now

By Tiffany Rodgers

There are currently two active natural disasters impacting a plethora of people right now. Mexico had its second large earthquake. This time it hit near their very populated Mexico City. Then there is hurricane Maria that has destroyed everything in her path. Here is the latest on those two natural disasters.

Hurricane Maria:

She has been a beast. She has devastated everything in her path, and she is not done yet. Let’s take a look at what she did to Puerto Rico.

A lot of the people that live there were not able to evacuate due to economic issues.

The entire island is without power. The entire island.

Turning the power back on is going to be quite the feat.

This was the worst hurricane Puerto Rico has seen since 1932. The destruction that Maria has caused is immense.

Unfortunately, Maria is not done inflicting devastation.

Mexico Earthquake:

This earthquake happened on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. The death toll is currently over 200, but rescues are still actively happening.

The structural damage is disheartening.

The rescue workers asked for silence as they search for survivors.

These before and after shots are quite revealing.

The way the people have bound together to assist each other inspires hope.

Your American friends are on the way to assist Mexico. America is not the only country sending help.

There are inspiring stories that are coming out of this mess. They have been looking for this little girl after her school collapsed.

Even fur kids are being rescued.

This situation is still very active. Please know Mexico and all impacted by Maria, we are sending our prayers and assistance.

We must come together as one world, and aid our neighbours of the world. We all live on this one planet. We need to respect this planet and help each other. The only way we can rebuild after all of these disasters is if we pull together as one people. We can overcome this.

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