Trump Totally Destroys Brand America

By Jason Taylor

We should be able to look forward to hearing how proud we are to be Americans and how we want to help other countries. We should be helping both our own people and our neighbors. What we shouldn’t be doing is threatening, agitating, bullying, being selfish, self-important, shoving our own agendas. We can’t look forward when he speaks. We are usually cringing, embarrassed, and very disappointed. I hope and pray the rest of the world knows this man does not at all speak for all of us. I truly believe we are way more in tune with the world’s hopes and needs.

Putting Kim Jong Un and the Ayatollah into the same category is a mistake. Trump should have used this opportunity to focus on North Korea, which we all agree should not have nuclear weapons, and left Iran for another time and another place. Iran may — like Saudi Arabia — be a state sponsor of terrorism, but they are not a rogue state like North Korea and they should not be treated as such.

Stephen Miller needs to go, now. He is the last holdout of the initial crazy-post-election-Trump WH staff, and he needs to go. Miller is still the same brash, arrogant, ignorant fool he was in high school, and allowing him to dictate foreign policy by proxy by putting words in our President’s mouth must be put to a stop.

Trump does come across as his usual unhinged self in this speech, but does anyone have any constructive ideas about how to deal with Kim Jong-Un? His insistence on firing a missile into waters near Guam is to tell us he can attack us with nuclear weapons. All of the so-called diplomacies so far has not been successful, quite frankly it has been a failure. The various erudite diplomats come on TV and redefine what success means, but in the real world, it is a failure. As for military solutions, our interventions of the last 16 years suggest we have excellent soldiers and technology, but like a muscular grunt, the brain is dull. Our intelligence seems to be bad, our strategic thinking very poor, and our desire to find newer and bigger ways of spending money way out of control.

Compare and contrast to Russia which has a minuscule budget compared to ours, much smaller talent pool, much less access (via NGOs, institutions like USAID, etc) into other nations, they seem to be getting their way in Ukraine, Syria, North Korea (!!!!) and pretty much every place they care to compete with us. It is not just that they are brilliant chess players, which they are, but it is because we are a bunch of overpaid, overfed, overconfident meatheads. We need to change that, Maybe having a lunatic is one way of waking us up to the problems we have gotten ourselves into with our complacency. Either way, we have an irresponsible narcissist in charge and we better sober up soon.

Had Donald Trump bothered to read his history he would know that the first “rocket man” was, in fact, US President Harry Truman, who deployed nuclear missiles in South Korea in the late 1950s in a unilateral violation of the US ceasefire agreement with North Korea. That mistake took 34 years to correct, and the US weapons were finally withdrawn under President Bush in the early 1990s. Not surprisingly, North Korea has been pursuing a nuclear weapons program ever since. Now Trump wants to tear up the nuclear treaty with Iran, which only gives North Korea even more of an incentive to build as many nuclear weapons as possible. People used to tell President Truman to “Give ’em hell, Harry,” but Trump seems determined to actually take us there. God help us all.

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