Mueller Is Going After Trump…Hard

By Jason Taylor

Most reasonable people would Be terrified to be the subject of such an investigation. The current occupant of the White House doesn’t quite fit that category. He seems to think he can avoid responsibility for his actions as he has always done. The scary thing about it is it has worked so far and look where it landed him. This is very damaging for the country. The higher part of my nature doesn’t take pleasure in the prospect of seeing our president removed for whatever crimes Mr. Mueller may uncover. The human part wouldn’t be so charitable.

Perhaps Mr. Mueller should expand his inquiries to include Mr. Trump sharing classified intelligence with the Russian delegation present at the White House the same day he commented about the firing of James Comey. Mr. Trump is clearly not too bright but should have been briefed on giving intelligence to the Israelis provided to the US without first checking with them and the National Security Advisor or someone in the intelligence community he disparaged so frequently.

Every day this man is in office the nation is at risk and or is in some way being compromised.

Trump deserves every ounce of scrutiny that Robert Mueller is casting his way. His brazenness both during the campaign and in office is without precedent, as has been his conduct of acting above the law, from ethics violations related to divestiture and self-dealing in the use of his own properties for government business to unprecedented mendacity on a daily basis.

Regarding brazenness, he’s been none too secretive about his actions either. I still can’t believe what he told the Russians when he thought he was safe from the eyes of the American people. His laughter and genuine relaxation among foreign adversaries, compared to his behavior with Angela Merkel back last winter show his utter contempt for this country and its people.

I just hope Mueller can assemble what he needs before Donald Trump can stop him in his tracks. A man cornered who is threatening nuclear war with North Korea as the ultimate diversion will stop at nothing to stop this investigation, even if it means inciting his base to march on Washington. I want to see proof that we are still a nation of laws.

It seems clear that the entire apparatus around Donald Trump is, if not in legal jeopardy, at risk to be completely hemmed into lying to the American People.

Mr. Mueller is leaving no stone unturned, and it would not surprise if Trump, Pence, Flynn, Manafort, Conway, Kushner, Ivanka, Gorka, Priebus, Spicer, Miller, and more will have to eventually give testimony/depositions under oath.

They will all be caught in The Big Lie, and who knows how many others of varying sizes. Either they will lie to Mueller, or he and his team will expose their lies under oath. It will all come out. Perhaps Trump himself will legally survive any legal charges in relation to working with Russia (‘collusion’ is not a legal charge). Perhaps there is no way to charge the Trump team/administration for what it has done to collude with Russia, and any charges would be open to pardon by Trump. They almost certainly will not all survive obstruction charges, and certain as the sun rises, indictments are coming regarding financial improprieties, some of which will be for state-level crimes, from which there is no protection.

Regardless of how that all plays out, a revelation of a level of premeditated dishonesty that is utterly unprecedented is coming. What will determine the ramifications of that revelation is the dignity of the American People, particularly the dignity of Trump Voters. The nation and the world are watching.

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