Romania’s Deadly Freak Storm

By Tiffany Rodgers

Mother Earth continues her epic temper tantrum to end all tantrums. There are currently three active hurricanes (Jose, Maria, and Lee) in the Atlantic and Caribbean, a small earthquake just hit LA,, and Romania had a freakish deadly wind storm. (Psst, now would be a good time to start believing in climate change.)

It is getting difficult to keep up with all of these disasters. For right now, let’s focus on Romania. Eight people were killed and upwards of a couple hundred were injured.

The power that is shown by the wind is remarkable. You can tell it completely took these folks by surprise.

Could you imagine looking out your window and seeing the whole seating section be blown away?

This storm brought about an eeriness in the sky including objects flying around. Talk about unsettling.

This shows a little bit of what it looked like after the storm. Unbelievable.

Mother Earth, please have mercy on us. We understand your frustration with the way your planet is being distroyed by man. We don’t know how much more of these natural disasters we can handle. We send our prayers and positive thoughts to everyone that has been impacted by this storm.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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