Paul Manafort Is In A Bad Place

By Jason Taylor

One of the benefits of being an honest person and living a lawful life is that the lawyer’s fees are usually minimal. If you are innocent of wrongdoing, Robert Mueller can exonerate you and clear your name. If your lawyer feels he might need a lawyer, you may be guilty. Mr. Mueller might, indeed, be setting a tough tone, but the tone I’m hearing from the other side is “Guilty as charged.”

Trump said Mueller should keep his investigation narrowly focused on last year’s election, and to stay away from his family’s finances unrelated to Russia. If I remember correctly, Kenneth Starr was to investigate Clinton’s Whitewater investments, not investigate his sexual relationship with an adult. Impeachment charges were not brought up on financial investments but on obstructing justice charges due to lying about Clinton’s adulterous affair. Although I’m no fan of adultery, I believe the possibility that Trump laundered money for Russian oligarchs and that Trump is doing favors for Russia to help pay off his 600 million dollar loan from oligarchs, is more damaging to the United States than Bill’s stain on Monica’s dress. Trump is too compromised with Russia to be an unbiased leader of the US.

Mueller is simply doing what any good investigator would do in such a target rich environment….cast a big net. Trump Team’s continual obfuscation and outright false information provided on required federal forms and simple questions from congressional committees have been dumbfounding. Running all this down to get at the truth will take time and resources and has been created by this administration’s “above the law” attitude. We should all be glad that someone with Mueller’s knowledge and integrity is heading this up.

Robert Mueller enlisted in the Marines after he graduated from Princeton. He was wounded in combat, earned the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and several other awards. I very much doubt that he is intimidated by Bone Spurs and his ilk. The quote that is striking to me is, “This is more consistent with how you’d go after an organized crime syndicate.” It is not difficult to believe that the Trump Organization is little more than a money laundering operation run by a family of criminals. The background of the prosecutors recruited suggests that Mr. Mueller is cognizant of that — are we surprised?

At last. Someone will say no to the lack of ethics, the self-dealing, the chicanery, the disloyalty, the criminality, and the possibility of much worse by Trump, his family, his campaign team, and his associates. I have no doubt that these charges will reach the critical mass necessary for the impeachment of Trump and possible criminal charges for others. The Supreme Court may well have to decide if the president is subject to criminal charges for acts committed in office such as possible obstruction of justice, although he should be liable for those before his tenure began such as collusion with the Russians to skew the election in his favor.

This long national (and international) nightmare will come to an end. We will see if Trump insists that the case is made and riles up his supporters or if he resigns to save the country being ripped apart by impeachment proceedings. As he thrives on drama and chaos, I doubt that he would walk away.

The best that could happen to this Country is that Trump is impeached or forced to resign. The worse would be that he is allowed to finish his 4-year term. This spoiled 71 years old child will damage the Country, more and more, the longer he stays in office. We are a resilient nation but we are not indestructible.

Mueller and his team will not be able to take down enough of Trump’s ‘team’ for it to be too many for my tastes. Never has an administration had so much contempt for the American people and the law? No, not even Nixon’s plumbers exceeded this complete disregard for the American election system and total conflicts of interest. Manafort, to me, always came across as a crime boss and Flynn’s lying and installing his moronic son, a total believer in really fake-news, on his team made me wonder how someone of that character became a General in the US military. Maybe the military needs to be investigated by Mueller next.

Robert Mueller is ex FBI. Donald Trump began his administration by insulting and then pandering to our intelligence community. Then he fired James Comey for doing his job. Don’t step on these people. Trump stepped on them really hard. There is no way the FBI and Mueller are going to treat Trump with a soft hand after what he did to them. Trump attacked the integrity and reputation of people that put their lives on the line for this nation. It’s payback time. How many times have we heard conservatives say when they conduct their tribunals and investigations, “If you have done nothing wrong, then there is nothing to worry about”. Well, anybody worried yet?

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  1. My only fear about impeachment is that his supporters will never stand for it. It would cause such a huge division in the country. His followers or cult-like loyal, and they’d make him out to be a martyred saint.

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