Another New Strong Mexico Earthquake

By Tiffany Rodgers

The hits keep on coming. We must start treating our planet the way she deserves and respects. If we continue on our current path, these natural disasters are only going to get stronger and more destructive. Mexico was just hit with another large earthquake.

7.1 – 7.4 is the range of this Mexican earthquake. It has just happened, that is why there is a range rather than a specific number. Mexico really cannot handle yet another large earthquake. They are still dealing with the large earthquake from over a week ago.

These images are heartbreaking. Buildings have collapsed all across the impacted area. People were just standing out in the streets trying to stay safe.

Mexico City was not even the epicenter, yet they were rocked to their core. This quake happened just 2 hours after an earthquake drill. Not to mention, today is the anniverary of a deadly earthquake that happened in 1985 that killed thousands. That must have been disconcerting.

There is a look at what happened during the earthquake. This is no joke. These folks just dealt with a huge earthquake, now they are having to deal with another one. Everyone must be on edge for sure.

Let’s hope the death toll remains at none. People can only handle so much loss and devastation. We need to take these warnings our planet is giving us, and adjust our behavior immediately. We will update when more information is available. Send your prayers and positive thoughts to all that have been involved.


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