Spicer’s Emmy Appearance: Can We All Just Take A Chill Pill?

By Susan Kuebler

No, I didn’t see the Emmy’s last night.  Watching a bunch of entertainers congratulate themselves on being entertaining is not my idea of the best way to spend an evening.  But apparently a lot of people did watch it, and many of them have worked themselves into a major snit fit over the cameo appearance of Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary.

Melissa McCarthy’s sarcastic portrayal of Spicer on Saturday Night Live was funny and memorable.  She captured his persona and his tone perfectly.  Scenes of her behind a mobile podium, either in the briefing room, or riding down 5th Avenue, were hysterical.

Last night, Sean Spicer made a cameo appearance at the Emmy’s, coming on stage behind a mobile podium and making fun of himself by satirizing his own, initial press conference regarding the size of the crowd at the Inauguration.  From the reaction of the crowd, they LOVED it.  For those of you who, like me, missed the Emmy’s last night, this is what all the kerfuffle is about:

However, now the Monday morning quarterbacks are weighing in, and denouncing the Emmy’s for “normalizing” Spicer.  Some examples on Twitter are:

I guess I’m getting old.  There was a time when people who were willing to go on national TV and mock themselves were given a break.  Considered good sports.  And there were some notable people who, along with me, found his appearance funny.

Anyone who thinks there is a White House Press Secretary alive (with the possible exception of Dana Parino) who has not at least fudged the truth a little bit to the press at some time or another lives in an alternate reality.  Was Spicer a good Press Secretary?  Not very.  He was clearly uncomfortable with the role to begin with, and was working for a man who threw him under the bus every chance he got.  Was he better than the current Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders?  Oh hell, yes.

True he did work for possibly the most despicable person ever to hold the office of President.  But to his credit, he only lasted six months before turning in his resignation.  We have all made mistakes in our lives, and Spicer’s decision to work for the Trump administration was a whopper.  But he shouldn’t have to pay for it the rest of his life.

Giving Spicer a second chance is not “normalizing” racism, white supremacy, or Nazis, even though Trump appears to love all of them.  Spicer did a thankless job, and not very well, but that is no reason to make him a permanent pariah.  Giving Trump a second chance would be “normalizing” those concepts.  Trump is the “cancer on the presidency.”

There are far worse issues to engage our concern and indignation.  For example, the proposed new health legislation introduced by Senator Graham in the Senate.  Work up your outrage over that bill that by all accounts is even worse than the one the Senate rejected earlier.  Trump will be making a speech before the UN General Assembly tomorrow that, if past is prologue, will be another major embarrassment for America.

But for crying out loud, give Spicer a break.


"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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  1. I totally agree with you. At first I thought Spicer was annoying. But when Trump had his trip to the Vatican to meet the Pope, which Trump enjoyed way more than the Pope did, and he didn’t let Spicer meet him, that’s when I started thinking Spicer was probably not as bad as people thought. I was raised Catholic and being denied that honor when he was so close to the opportunity was just a horrible thing for Trump to do to him. He was, after all, working for the most hated man in America and the strain of trying to make Trump look good on any level would have challenged anyone. Spicer was clearly not at ease in front of the Press. Perhaps if we had a potus that had some level of integrity, it would have been more doable.
    Like most of us, I think he was just trying to get through his day so I wish Spicer the best. He will recover from his experience w/Trump and I hope the rest of the country will as well.

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