Emmy’s Fashion Wrap-up

By Tiffany Rodgers

The Emmys happened last night. Hollywood celebs were preparing their hair and dress for this star studded event. Man, they did not disappoint. Let’s take a look at some of last night’s celeb outfits.

She absolutely looks stunning.

Hair, makeup, and dress = On point.

How is it we are in 2017, and this is the first African American to win in the directing category?

Hair, bowtie, and purple suit = Bold and elegant

Look at these three strong women that are not afraid to speak their minds.

Dresses, hair, and class = Off the charts

This blue dress suit is killer.

Dress, shoes, and hair = On fleek

Solid gem colors must be hot this season. This stunning green dress is too pretty to look away.

Dress, assessories, and smile = Breathtakingly mesmerizing

Another beautiful jewel color gown. Lots of celebs wore blue ribbons to show their support for the ACLU.

Couple, outfits, and blue ribbons = Stylish philanthropists

Wow. That’s all the can be said for this amazing gown. The cut and coloring of this dress is unique and amazing.

Gown, pose, and attitude = Fierceness


Holy smokes. This girl is on fire (You know that one Alicia Keys’ song).

Gown, sleeves, smile = Phenomenal

Umm. Not sure who invited Spicer to the party.

Smile, suit, podium = pathetic

These are just a few examples of the remarkable fashion that shined at the Emmys. Really this does not even scratch the surface of the awesome fashion that was on display last night. Honestly, the entire evening is really irrelevant to reality, but it is nice to direct our attention to something other than the embarrassment that is Trump. You may now return to your regularly scheduled face palm.


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